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The Downside of Natural Delivery Through Vaginal Birth

vaginal birth

There is no denying that the birth of a baby is a beautiful and miraculous thing – but what oftentimes happens as a result of vaginal birth can be very much less than beautiful or miraculous in the ways that it can affect your quality of life. As you consider your birth plan and look…

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Stress Incontinence: An Exercise in Handling the Pressure

stress incontinence

Sometimes your best intentions of leading a healthy, active life can run into issues that derail your determination in significant ways – and they are not always even the ones that first spring to mind… The ones like wanting to sleep “just a few minutes more” that turn into so many minutes you never make…

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The Painfully Intimate Issue of Painful Intercourse

painful intercourse

If you are experiencing persistent or recurrent pain in the vaginal area just before, during, or after intercourse, you may be suffering from a condition called dyspareunia, or painful intercourse. The reason that women experience painful intercourse can be related to a variety of physical or emotional concerns, but many women will find themselves facing…

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How Vaginal pH Levels Can Throw Your Health Out of Balance

vaginal ph

There are all kinds of television commercials and magazine ads talking up the importance of pH levels in keeping sweaty pits under control; but armpits aside, pH balance is crucial in vaginal health, as well. It is a precarious thing, whether you realize it or not, as vaginal pH can cause a number of issues…

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