Labial Laxity: Solutions for Improved Health and Confidence

Labia and vulva rejuvenation have become increasingly popular procedures as women take control of their appearance and sexuality. It’s also an option for women whose excess labial laxity causes irritation during exercise or painful intercourse. Being self-conscious about labial appearance can hurt a woman's intimate relationships and self-confidence. Women deserve to be in control of their bodies, their appearance and their sexuality.

What Causes Labial Laxity

An elongated labia minora exposes sensitive tissue and can cause physical discomfort during regular activity and pain during sexual intercourse.

Vaginal childbirth causes the muscles and skin of the vagina and labia to stretch, which can mean laxity and looseness of the skin and tissue surrounding the vaginal opening. Some tissue never fully regains pre-delivery firmness, tightness and appearance.

Menopause and medically-induced menopause cause a drop in estrogen which decreases collagen production leading to loose, sagging labial skin.

Treatment Without Surgery

SkinTyte™ is an effective labial laxity treatment alternative for patients who are considering labiaplasty or other surgical solutions. This painless, non-invasive laser treatment can improve labial laxity and alleviate concerns about intimate appearance and function.

SkinTyte™ improves the appearance and firmness of labial and vulvar skin, alleviating physical symptoms and giving women a renewed sense of confidence.

Not all women are at risk for pelvic pain, but there are certain factors that can greatly increase a woman’s odds of suffering from chronic pelvic pain.

How diVaTyte™ Treats Labial Laxity

SkinTyte™ uses infrared energy to deeply heat the collagen layer below the skin’s surface. The light energy is delivered in a series of rapid, gentle pulses by SkinTyte™’s unique sapphire quartz handpiece, which cools the skin’s surface.

This same non-ablative treatment is a proven way to firm skin on the face, neck and abdomen.

SkinTyte™’s targeted infrared energy heats the collagen and elastin structures in the deep layers of tissue beneath the skin’s surface. The heat stimulates the body’s natural healing process, which grows new collagen structures. As collagen production increases, it builds up the tissue beneath the skin for improved tone, tightening and firmness and creates visibly smoother and firmer labial skin. This proven treatment is safe and non-invasive, but women still see dramatic results.

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What To Expect During Labial Laxity Treatment

SkinTyte™ uses cooling technology that protects the top layer of skin while laser energy penetrates and heats the deeper tissue layers of the  labia and vulva. The tightening treatment takes 10 to 20 minutes in your provider’s office. Few women report any discomfort during their SkinTyte™ treatment and there is no recovery time. Because SkinTyte™ is non-ablative, it is safe for all skin colors.

After diVaTyte™ Treatment

Women can immediately return to normal, everyday activities after treatment. Some women may experience mild redness in the treatment area, but the discoloration typically disappears within an hour. Women may also see slight swelling which is a normal healing reaction in the deeper tissues. Very few women experience these minor, painless side effects. Treatment can be repeated over time for the maximum rebuilding of tissue and optimized results.

What Results Can I Expect

SkinTyte™ improves mild to moderate labial laxity without invasive surgery. It can take up to four months for full results as the collagen structures beneath the skin are rebuilt and strengthened, firming skin from within. Typical treatment plans can include three to five treatments spaced two to three weeks apart to optimize results.

Surgical Treatment For Labial Laxity

Labiaplasty is a more dramatic treatment for the reduction of labial tissues. For some women, it is a matter of health and comfort, but there are also cosmetic benefits to labiaplasty surgery as well. Surgery carries the risk of significant bleeding, infection and even scarring and should be extensively discussed before deciding it is the best course of treatment.

Before any treatment, the experienced and supportive team at Coyle Institute will assess your health and issues and discuss your expected outcome based on your goals.

If labial laxity is causing issues in your intimate relationships or damaging your self-confidence, we can help you determine if SkinTyte™, surgery or other options are right for you. Contact Coyle Institute to learn more and schedule your consultation. We'll work with you to develop a labial laxity treatment plan that will relieve your pain and boost your self-confidence.