Stress Incontinence: An Exercise in Handling the Pressure

stress incontinence

Sometimes your best intentions of leading a healthy, active life can run into issues that derail your determination in significant ways – and they are not always even the ones that first spring to mind… The ones like wanting to sleep “just a few minutes more” that turn into so many minutes you never make it to the gym. For many women, one of the biggest sources of challenge can be keeping their motivation to get moving when they know that all that moving may cause light bladder leakage associated with stress incontinence.

Failing the Stress Test

Stress incontinence is a type of urinary incontinence that occurs involuntarily during coughing, laughing, sneezing, or physical exertion of some kind – i.e., exercise. Realize it or not, the strain on your bladder in each of these seemingly ordinary situations can be too much for it to overcome if your pelvic floor muscles do not have the muscle power to stay in control. To put it in more scientific ways, the muscles, ligaments, and tissues that form a supportive sling for pelvic organs like the bladder and the urethra require a certain amount of strength to keep everything in place and functioning properly. When that sling fails in fulfilling its role, any changes in pressure put on the abdominal and pelvic muscles can result in stress incontinence. Which, as we all know, means you are sporting a puddle in your panties.

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Regaining Control of Stress incontinence

Embarrassing as it might be, the situation is far from hopeless. There are simple solutions that Urogynecologists often recommend like Kegel exercises to retrain and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, but another effective treatment for stress incontinence and even for the improvement of vaginal health overall is diVa® laser vaginal therapy. This innovative method of vaginal rejuvenation works by resurfacing the damaged tissues of the vaginal walls and replacing them with new tissue that is far stronger and far more able to aid in controlling stress incontinence. For women seeking non-surgical, minimally invasive options that are safe and effective, laser therapy can be the perfect solution. To determine whether laser therapy will benefit you, consult with an expert in the field of Urogynecology.

At Coyle Institute, we have many years of experience in treating women suffering from stress incontinence and provide them with effective options that will address their concerns and allow them to enjoy a healthy future.

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