It Sounds Great, But is O-shot® Safe?

When women first hear what O-Shot® can do, their first reaction is, “Better sex and more orgasms? Let’s do this thing!” Their second reaction is, “A shot in my vagina? Um, is that really a good idea?”

While better sex from a shot may seem too good to be true, the O-Shot® uses time-tested medical technology to improve sexual response and increase the intensity and frequency of orgasms, in a safe way.

What is O-shot®?

O-Shot® is an injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that improves sexual response and satisfaction and has been found to improve vaginal and genital health issues as well as reducing urinary incontinence. Growth factors in PRP rebuild and rejuvenate tissue in the injection area, sometimes referred to as the “G-spot.” O-Shot® can be applied to the vagina and/or the clitoris depending on each woman’s needs and goals.

What is PRP?

PRP is a concentrated serum made from the patient’s own blood, using FDA-approved equipment. Doctors have used PRP for many years to help heal wounds and injuries. The platelets contain a high concentration of growth factors that trigger the generation of new, healthy cells and the rejuvenation of tissues.  

There have been thousands of research papers published about PRP, its effects and its safety. The incidences of adverse reactions are minute.

Is O-shot® Approved By the FDA?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not govern blood biologics. However, the device that is approved by the FDA to prepare the PRP that's used in the O-Shot® is approved by the FDA.

Blood products such as PRP are exempt from regulation and don’t follow the FDA's traditional regulatory pathway.

The FDA-approved kits used to prepare the serum are sterile and disposable. Each patient is treated with a new kit. Because the procedure uses the patient’s own blood, there is no chance of catching a blood-borne illness from any other person.

Although the FDA approval is technically only for PRP preparation for bone graft procedures, PRP has been used successfully for many years in a variety of off-label procedures with few reports of adverse reactions.

Why Should I See a Urogynecologist for the O-shot®?

Because the O-Shot® involves both the complicated urinary and reproductive systems, doesn't it make sense to use a provider who is an expert in both?

There is a method and precision needed for a woman to get optimal results from an O-Shot®. Urogynecologists specialize in an area of urology or gynecology that focuses on pelvic organ functions and the surrounding tissues and muscles supporting these organs.

Dr. Michael Coyle and his staff are leaders in the field, utilizing the latest medical, scientific and technological advancements available, including O-Shot®, to provide patients with options that change their lives – and their sex lives.

What Are the Adverse Effects of O-shot®?

As with any medical procedure, patients may experience some discomfort or reaction after O-Shot® treatment. However, the women who experience any side effects report that they are mild and short-lived. 

Some effects include: 

  • Urgent or more frequent urination 
  • Pinching, pressure or pain during injection (Topical numbing agents make this a rare occurrence) 
  • Spotting  
  • A feeling of vaginal "fullness" 

However, all of these things are normal reactions to the injection and are not unsafe or damaging. These immediate effects fade quickly – in three weeks or less – while the body is using PRP growth factors to rejuvenate tissues with new, healthy cells. 

Is it Safe to Have More Than One O-shot®?

The results of the O-Shot® may take up to 12 weeks to be fully realized. At that time, a woman can gauge how the shot is working for her and whether she needs a boost. Because O-Shot® is created with the patient’s own blood, there is no risk associated with repeating the procedure.

Because each patient is treated with a new, sterile, FDA-approved kit, every O-Shot® is as safe as the first.

What Results Can Your Patients Expect with the O-shot®?

The results from the O-Shot® are resoundingly positive. The benefits include:

  • Increased libido
  • Improved sexual sensitivity
  • Tightened vaginal opening
  • Increased vaginal lubrication
  • More intense, easier orgasms
  • Reduced symptoms of stress incontinence

Schedule your appointment with the expert team at Coyle Institute, and we'll go over the O-Shot® point by point and answer any questions you may have. You deserve a vibrant, exciting and healthy sex life! Let’s find out if O-Shot® is right for you.