O-shot® Faqs – is the “Orgasm Shot” Right for You?

Looking for a way to spice up life between the sheets? A more exciting and fulfilling sex life is just one easy injection away! The O-Shot® offers a safe and effective way for women to experience greater sexual stimulation and satisfaction without surgery or long recovery time.

What is an O-shot®?

The O-Shot® PRP injection is a new technique that helps women improve their sexual health and orgasm response with a single, simple treatment. The O-Shot® can also help improve symptoms of urinary incontinence. The easy in-office procedure is safe and virtually painless.

What Happens During an O-shot® Treatment?

Your provider will draw a sample of blood and using a centrifuge will isolate platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in a process that takes about 10 minutes. While the blood is processing, the provider will apply a numbing agent to the injection site. When the area is numbed, and the PRP is ready, the provider will use a very thin needle to inject the PRP into the clitoris and upper vagina.

Does the O-shot® Hurt?

Most patients report no discomfort or pain. Treatment areas are numbed with a topical cream for maximum comfort, although a small percentage of women report a pinching or stinging sensation. Patients can resume regular physical exercise and sexual activity immediately after treatment.

What Results Can I Expect Following the O-shot®?

For most women, the change is noticeable almost immediately. Women of all ages report an increased sensitivity of the clitoris and G-spot area resulting in stronger orgasms and multiple orgasms even when they have not experienced them before. The full effects may not be seen for up to three to four weeks after treatment. In rare cases, there may not be any noticeable effect, but the O-Shot® can be repeated after eight weeks for women who want to see better results or boost the satisfactory effects of their first shot.

How Long Do the Effects of the O-shot® Last?

The O-Shot® lasts up to three years or longer in some women. However, on average, women choose to repeat the procedure every 18 months to maintain their results

Is the O-shot® Safe? Are There Side Effects?

No side effects have been reported from procedures that involve injecting a person's own PRP back into their body. However, O-Shot® should not be used on patients who are pregnant, nursing, trying to get pregnant, have an active infection, have experienced hypersensitivity in the past or those who have severe allergies. Women who are experiencing any vaginal health issues should wait until they are resolved before getting the O-Shot®.  

After treatment, some women experience mild soreness that lasts less than 24 hours. As with any injection, there may be a tiny amount of bleeding following the injection in rare cases. However, you can return to work, exercise and do any other activity you wish on the same day, including sexual activity.

Can I Repeat O-shot® Treatment?

The majority of women have improved sexual function and sexual satisfaction after one O-Shot®, but additional treatments have been found to provide additional benefits for many women. Some women choose to have ongoing maintenance treatments to tweak or renew their results. A second O-Shot® can be administered after eight weeks.

Is the Procedure FDA Approved?

PRP is a well-documented and accepted procedure used to improve healing, rejuvenation and regeneration after injuries or procedures. While the FDA has approved the PRP harvesting methods, PRP procedures are not required to be approved or disapproved by the FDA because PRP is not considered to be a drug.

If a more exciting intimate sex life sounds appealing to you, contact Coyle Institute today to set up your O-Shot® consultation. Our expert team can evaluate your needs and determine the treatment you need to improve your sex life and achieve your sexual intimacy goals.