Is SkinTyte™ Laser Vaginal Therapy Right for me?

The SkinTyte™ laser vaginal therapy system provides results that will improve the appearance of labial and vulvar skin. Best of all, with this treatment, women feel a renewed sense of confidence. The proven treatment is safe, gentle and non-invasive, yet still yields dramatic results. Women seeking labia and vulva rejuvenation after childbirth, menopause or aging now have a painless treatment to improve their appearance and alleviate intimate concerns. Looseness and laxity are amongst the highest complaints among women seeking labial and vulvar rejuvenation.


SkinTyte™ is an effective treatment for patients who are:

  • Considering a labiaplasty or other surgical solutions
  • Concerned about an undesirable appearance of labia after childbirth, menopause or their natural, unaffected appearance
  • Troubled by excess skin that becomes irritated during exercise or causes pain during intercourse

What SkinTyte™ can do for you?

Women of all ages experience vaginal skin changes, especially women who have gone through vaginal childbirth or who are going through or have completed menopause. The physical stress of childhood can stretch skin and muscles to a point where they cannot naturally recover to their pre-delivery state. Furthermore, fluctuations in estrogen levels can leave skin loose, lax and wrinkled. Eventually, many women feel their labial skin has lost some of its youthfulness. This can negatively impact self-confidence and affect intimate relationships and a woman’s overall sense of well-being. diVaTyte™ laser vaginal therapy is an easy and painless way to bring back self-esteem and sensuality in intimate relationships.

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How SkinTyte™ works

SkinTyte™ cutting-edge technology uses infrared energy to deeply heat the collagen layer below the skin’s surface by diVaTyte’s unique sapphire quartz handpiece. Secondly, the handpiece cools the skin’s surface while penetrating deeper tissues with warming Broadband Light (BBL™). Finally, the targeted heat stimulates the body’s natural healing process, which grows new collagen structures. As collagen production increases, it firms the deep tissue layers and smooths the skin’s surface for visible improvements in tone and texture.

What to expect during SkinTyte™ treatment

SkinTyte™ vaginal exterior treatment uses a unique contact cooling technology to stimulate collagen and elastin regeneration.

  • Fast and easy: SkinTyte™ is an in-office procedure that takes about 10 minutes to perform
  • Painless: Few women report any discomfort during their SkinTyte™ treatment
  • No recovery time – SkinTyte™ can even be scheduled during a lunch break – no time off is required for recovery

Because SkinTyte™ is non-ablative, it is safe for all skin colors. Treatment can be repeated over time for the maximum rebuilding of tissue and optimized results.

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After SkinTyte™ treatment

Immediately following the procedure, some women may experience mild redness in the treated area. But the affected skin typically returns to normal coloration within an hour. Women may also see slight swelling in the treatment area. This is a normal reaction to the laser stimulation of the deeper tissues. Fortunately, these minor side effects are uncommon and painless. After treatment, women can immediately resume their normal, everyday activities.

SkinTyte™ results

Full results often take up to four months after your last treatment as the collagen foundation of your skin is rebuilt and strengthened. Additional treatments may be required to optimize results. A typical treatment plan includes 3 to 5 treatments spaced 2 to 3 weeks apart.

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