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Valentine’s Day Treats from Coyle Institute

vday treats

Valentine’s Day is about romance, sure. But why not show yourself a little love with some serious self-care? A bath bomb and a glass of wine are fine for a typical Friday night, but long-lasting treatments that boost your confidence every day are the way to really treat yourself!  BBL™ Photofacial Therapy  BBL™ (BroadBand Light) facial treatments reduce…

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Why is BBL better in winter months?

bbl winter

Now is the Time: Why is BBL™ Better in the Winter Months?  Did holiday celebrations take a toll on your face? Have the office space heaters become full-blast skin dryers? Lack of sun got you looking ho-hum? Good news! Winter is the ideal time to perk up a tired complexion with BroadBand Light Therapy™ (BBL™)!   BBL™ treatments treat a wide range of skin issues, including:  Sunspots  Age spots  Broken…

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Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

hair removal

Keep Shaving or Zap it: Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent? Is there a better feeling than the first sunny day of spring when you slide on some short-shorts or boldly bust out the bikini? And then a few days later, all that smooth skin turns to sad stubble. That’s when you think about ditching the razor and taking care of that hair for the rest of…

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