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Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery

Understanding Lichen Sclerosus

lichen sclerosus

Lichen Sclerosus: Understanding Symptoms and Risks Lichen sclerosus can painfully change women’s lives, putting greater health at risk and compromising intimate relationships.   Although initial symptoms may mimic those of more common vaginal and vulvar irritations and illness, there are distinct signs that indicate lichen sclerosus. Pain and irritation of the vulvar skin should be taken seriously and treated immediately. …

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What do I do about Vaginal Discomfort?

vaginal discomfort

No matter the stage of a woman’s life, her vagina can still surprise her with new pains, discharge, surprise bleeding and sudden onset itching. Vaginal discomfort has a wide range of causes, some minor, some more serious, many of them easily treated. Here are some of the common vaginal symptoms and what they can mean. …

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Become a diVa® This Year to Improve Vaginal Health

Women experience a wide range of vaginal pain and discomfort, from daily irritation to intense pain during intercourse. Pain can be caused by issues with the surface of the vagina, such as a lack of natural moisture. Pain can also result from lax vaginal tissues after childbirth and thinning vaginal walls that are unable to support the…

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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Cervical cancer kills more than 4,200 women every year And still many women don’t take the time to have an annual exam and Pap test. January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. Early detection is the best way to fight cervical cancer, which often has no symptoms. It’s critical that every woman get the annual pelvic…

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