The Shot that Stops Leaks: The O-Shot® for Urinary Incontinence

The O-Shot® has a stellar, va-va-voom reputation for revving up orgasms and libido, but it also has a more practical side. Women who have had the O-Shot® report a dramatic decrease in their urinary incontinence symptoms. In fact, the O-Shot® injection has proven to be 90% effective in treating stress incontinence.

It’s a little like finding out champagne is full of vitamins.

Urinary incontinence is a common problem for an estimated 40 percent of women in the U.S., often as a result of pregnancy, childbirth or menopause. Now safe, minimally invasive O-Shot® is here to renew confidence and stop those little laugh leaks and sudden runs to the restroom.

What is the O-Shot®?

The O-Shot® is a simple procedure that delivers the healing properties of the patient's own blood into tissues that need rapid repair. The O-Shot® got its global reputation by boosting orgasms through vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation.

But as more and more patients experience success in revving up their libidos and sexual response, they have also experienced a decrease in the symptoms of urge incontinence and stress incontinence. Now providers can use O-Shot® to help with urinary incontinence and to help improve the symptoms of incontinence and several other gynecological issues that benefit from its rapid-healing qualities.

How the O-Shot® Works

The O-Shot® uses a small sample of the patient’s own blood to create a serum of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). These platelets contain highly active growth factors. When the serum is injected, the growth factors get to work triggering the new cells and tissue regeneration. PRP can also boost the migration of these new cells, repair damaged cells, stimulate better blood flow to the treated areas.

O-Shot® for Urinary Incontinence

Stress incontinence occurs involuntarily when laughing, coughing, sneezing or activities such as running or jumping put pressure on the bladder. If your muscles, ligaments, and tissues that support the bladder have lost strength or tension, the bladder and urethra are unsupported, leading to leakage.

With the O-Shot®, new, rejuvenated tissue growth in the vaginal walls provides support for the bladder and urethra, giving women more control and helping to ease the symptoms of stress incontinence.

What are the Other Benefits of O-Shot®?

Providers are discovering new advantages to O-Shot® treatment all the time.

Some benefits of this trusted technology include:

  • Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation
  • Younger, smoother skin of the vulva (lips of the vagina).
  • A tighter introitus (vaginal opening)
  • Stronger orgasm
  • More frequent quality orgasms
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Increased ability to have a vaginal orgasm
  • Decreased pain for those with dyspareunia (painful intercourse)
  • Increased natural lubrication
  • Tissue rejuvenation for lichen sclerosus

Urinary incontinence is more than inconvenient or embarrassing; it is life limiting. Urinary incontinence is also prevalent, and no woman should live with it when there are simple and effective treatment options available.

If you’re ready to conquer incontinence and want to learn more about what the O-Shot® can do for you, contact the expert team at Coyle Institute today to set up your consultation.