The Downside of Natural Delivery Through Vaginal Birth

vaginal birth

There is no denying that the birth of a baby is a beautiful and miraculous thing – but what oftentimes happens as a result of vaginal birth can be very much less than beautiful or miraculous in the ways that it can affect your quality of life. As you consider your birth plan and look at the bigger picture of having birth by C-section or opting for natural childbirth with vaginal delivery, it is important to know what to expect after birth so that you can be prepared and take steps to minimize the potential damage.

Natural Vaginal Birth Process

During the birth process itself, the baby goes through the birth canal and out the vaginal opening to make his (or her) grand entrance into the world. To accommodate that, the vagina and the perineum must stretch as the baby’s head begins to emerge. Depending on various factors including the newborn’s size, how many vaginal births you may already have had, your genetics, the circumstances surrounding the birth, and whether you’ve been doing pelvic floor exercises during your pregnancy will all determine what happens to your vagina after birth and how well it heals.

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Getting Past the Mama Drama

For women whose vaginal birth caused a great deal of straining, stretching, or tearing, they may experience long term issues including fecal or urinary incontinence due to pelvic organ prolapse or a reduction in the moisture, strength, or thickness of the tissues lining the vaginal walls. Women suffering the unfortunate effects that may accompany vaginal birth may be advised by a urogynecologist to consider laser vaginal rejuvenation using diVa® laser vaginal therapy. This non-surgical laser therapy will resurface the tissues of the vaginal walls and replace them with newer, firmer, and thicker tissues that will improve their vaginal health and help bring their vagina to its pre-birth state.

At Coyle Institute, we have a team of experts in the field of urogynecology who have had years of success in treating women and providing them with solutions for a wide range of issues that they may experience after they’ve gone through the process of childbirth. Our patients have enjoyed lasting results from diVa® laser vaginal therapy, and we’ve led the way in offering this effective, innovative solution to the women in our care.

Birth is a beautiful thing! Consult with the team of women’s medical specialists at Coyle Institute to learn more about how to rejuvenate your womanhood after vaginal birth today!