Types of Hysterectomies: The Right Treatment for You

A hysterectomy is a common surgical procedure to remove the uterus or womb. Hysterectomy can treat a wide range of issues, but because it is a major surgery, it is usually only considered as a last resort. However, there are several types of hysterectomy surgery. The medical experts at Coyle Institute specialize in minimally invasive procedures and…

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Spotlighting the Stages of Menopause

a woman who is spotting the stages of menopause in her own body

If you have been having hot flashes or night sweats and suffering from major mood swings, you are probably wondering if you are facing “the change.” Fortunately, the stages of menopause happen more gradually than hitting you like a freight train, though it can certainly seem like menopause has snuck up without your notice…much less…

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What’s Out of Place Though not everyone experiences the telltale symptoms of the condition, many women suffer from a medical disorder called adenomyosis, which means that the lining of their uterus or endometrial tissue is displaced, yet fully functioning as it would under normal circumstances. During a typical menstrual period, endometrial tissue thickens the walls…

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