Can the da Vinci Surgical Robot Be Used in Any Kind of Surgery?

Realizing that you need surgery is never pleasant. Thoughts of painful recovery, lengthy hospital stays and time away from work and family can create additional stress. What if surgery could be minimally invasive? What about minimal scarring and downtime? This scenario is not based in fantasy, but is a reality for many gulf coast women. Coyle Institute specializes in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries using da Vinci robotic surgery. Dr. Michael Coyle is the nation’s first board-certified Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is a leading expert in urogynecology and da Vinci procedures. Coyle Institute strives to utilize the minimally invasive da Vinci robotic surgery whenever possible, which turns out to be more frequent than you might think. While there are some procedures that require more invasive techniques, the da Vinci method is quickly becoming the surgical option of choice for a variety of urogynecology issues.

What Is the da Vinci Robotic Surgery System?

Approved by the FDA in 2000, the da Vinci system is a robotic-assisted surgical system that has dramatic outcomes for the patient. Although the system is referred to as robotic, it is not robot performed. Your surgeon is in complete control. When coupled with your skilled surgeon’s experienced hands, this state of the art system extends the surgeon’s dexterity and precision. Robotic-assisted surgery surpasses traditional laparoscopic options with far-reaching patient benefits.

Why Choose da Vinci?

Historically, female pelvic region procedures were open surgeries. Today, open surgeries are a last resort. At Coyle Institute, we have not performed open hysterectomies for years, as our laparoscopic and surgeon capabilities have made them nearly obsolete. The da Vinci system raises the bar of traditional laparoscopic surgeries by allowing the surgeon to access difficult to reach pelvic areas with previously unmatched vision and precise accuracy, resulting in smaller incisions and less blood loss.

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What Types of Surgeries Can Be Performed With da Vinci and Who Should Perform Them?

How do you know if your surgery is a good candidate for the da Vinci system? The procedure is only as exemplary as the physician performing it. Placing your health in the hands of a physician who has mastered the art of this highly advanced system is key. Dr. Michael Coyle, not only has years of expertise in da Vinci surgeries, but has also trained other physicians all over the country. Dr. Coyle is well known for his expertise and Coyle Institute is recognized as a leader in women’s health and urogynecology along the Gulf Coast. Our physicians will help you determine if da Vinci is the right option for you, carefully explaining risks and benefits. Conditions that can be successfully treated with the minimally invasive da Vinci system include…

Benefits of da Vinci Robotic-Assisted Surgery

If your procedure is a good candidate for this method, your recovery will be much more pleasant than with traditional surgery. Patients who choose da Vinci surgery will experience a faster recovery period. Previous concerns such as blood loss, hospital stays and external and internal scarring are all minimal. Additionally, there will be less of a need for narcotic pain medicine and you can return to your pre-surgical lifestyle more rapidly.

Dr. Coyle and the team at Coyle institute offer expert knowledge and years of experience in da Vinci robotic surgeries. Dr. Coyle is a highly regarded and nationally recognized trainer and lecturer in this field. Contact our team today to discuss if the da Vinci system is the right choice for your urogynecology needs and let us put you on a quicker path to healing and back to the lifestyle you enjoy.