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What is the O-Shot?

what is oshot

Ho-hum sex life. Low libido. Lackluster (or non-existent) orgasms.  Women used to have to put up with less-than-satisfactory sex lives that came along with the physical and hormonal changes, childbirth, injury, aging or as the result of their anatomical predisposition for sexual response.  Today, Women Have Options The O-Shot® is a simple, easy treatment that…

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Winter is the Time for BBL

BBL beauty for your winter skin One of the first rules of getting a facial treatment is “Stay out of the sun.” Well, we live in the Sunshine State. Avoiding the sun is mission impossible. But during the shorter days of winter, many of us spend the majority of the daylight hours indoors. Since facial…

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See the light with BBL!

Looking for a health and beauty solution that can do it all? BBL stands for Broadband Light. It’s a laser technology used in a variety of forms and deliveries to quickly provide safe and impressive results quickly and with little to no recovery time after treatment. From permanent hair removal to skin tightening, from sunspots…

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What are the Signs of Early Menopause

early menopause

Much as many women try tiptoeing around the subject, they will, at some point in life, find themselves smack in the middle of middle age, facing symptoms that leave them feeling less than sane and often even uncomfortable in their skin. And while it might be easy to simplify “the change” as one major storm…

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