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Coloplast FAQs

Pelvic Floor Disorders Women of all ages and backgrounds suffer the pain and stress of pelvic floor disorders. These common issues, including pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence, can result from a serious health condition, a pelvic floor weakened by childbirth, other medical treatments or with age.

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NovaSure FAQs

NovaSure.  Questions Answered. Millions of women around the world who suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding don’t seek treatment. They may think that heavy bleeding, headaches, exhaustion and cramps are just something every woman has to endure. Or they may fear that their only option for relief is invasive surgery, such as a hysterectomy. 

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It’s National Caregivers Month – Take Care of You

Self-care matters If you’re a caregiver, you know that it’s often a round-the-clock job, day in and day out. You also know that when it comes to caring, you put yourself last on the list. Caregivers need a chance to step back, breathe and recharge. It’s critical for providing the best care to your loved…

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