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Women’s Health

Vaginal Dryness: Causes and Solutions

what causes dry vagina

Pain, Irritation, Itching: What Causes a Dry Vagina? Vaginal dryness isn’t something women want to talk about. We may think it’s temporary, or not a big deal, or just too embarrassing to mention. Or, we often believe that vaginal dryness is just part of womanhood or aging or think the symptoms are from a UTI…

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Why a Urogynecologist?


The Advantages of Expert Care from a Urogynecology Specialist It can be difficult and at times, embarrassing to address issues such as painful intercourse or urinary incontinence, especially if you have to make repeated visits to different specialists to find the root of your problems. A urogynecologist offers a single place to address all pelvic…

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Minimally Invasive Surgery Benefits


Minimally Invasive Devices Mean Less Pain and Faster Recovery In the past, gynecological surgery was a major ordeal requiring long hospital stays, long incisions and long recovery. Today, minimally invasive devices have made it possible for women to have surgical procedures – even full hysterectomies – done with less pain, less scarring and a much…

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Does Vaginal Tightening Gel Work?


V-tight Gel: Miracle or Vaginal Health Hazard? Vaginal tightening gels such as V-Tight claim to be a miracle cure for women who feel as though their vaginas have lost their tone or tightness. And, after using them, you may even think, well, that does feel different, but different isn’t “tighter” – and in many cases,…

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