Low libido? How to Increase Your Sex Drive

increase libido

Has your sex drive hit a dead end? Or maybe it’s just stuck in idle?

Don’t settle for ho-hum when you could rev it up to va-va-voom!

Any women concerned about a low (or lowered) libido should seek advice, information and treatment from her healthcare provider and explore the full range of safe and effective options for boosting sex drive and satisfaction.

What defines a low libido?

Sex drive varies significantly from person to person and throughout an individual’s life. A libido that feels normal to one person may seem low to another. A person may become concerned about their libido if there is a rapid drop in sexual interest or desire or if their coital response changes or decreases.

Low libido becomes a diagnosable condition when it diminishes the quality of a person’s life and relationships.

What causes low libido?

Many factors and life events can affect a woman’s sex life and sexual satisfaction. Childbirth can damage pelvic tissues, cause scarring and result in cause vaginal laxity. The hormonal changes of menopause can lower libido, decrease lubrication and make sex uncomfortable. Disorders such as vaginal atrophy can cause painful intercourse and make arousal and orgasm difficult. Or maybe a woman has just never found sex enjoyable.

How to boost your libido

Women today do not have to settle for low libido and a mediocre love life. Several easy options can amp up sex drive. After defining the cause of low libido, your urogynecologist can help you find the best course of treatment to get your desire back on track! Here are some popular and proven options.

Know your options and live the life you want.

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The O-Shot® is an all-natural, non-surgical female sexual enhancement procedure that can rejuvenate and revitalize vaginal and clitoral function, raising libido while improving arousal and intensifying orgasms.

O-Shot® uses platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, derived from a woman’s blood to stimulate tissue rejuvenation and improve response in the clitoris and the upper portion of the vagina. New tissue growth and sensitivity mean improved sexual response and more intense orgasms.

Women who may benefit from O-Shot® are looking for:

  • Stronger orgasms
  • More frequent orgasms
  • Intensified sexual desire
  • Increased natural lubrication
  • Heightened sensitivity
  • Tighter vaginal skin
  • More satisfying sex
  • Improved sexual relationships

Some women experience an increased sex drive and ability to orgasm the same day. O-Shot® should reach its full effectiveness in two to three weeks.

O-Shot® lasts an average of 18 months but can last up to three years for some women. Because it uses a patient’s blood, it’s safe and women can repeat the treatment as necessary to maintain or enhance results.

diVa® laser vaginal therapy

diVa® laser vaginal therapy uses two types of lasers to simultaneously deliver ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to the vaginal canal to achieve customized results. The surface layers of the vaginal walls are resurfaced by the first laser, encouraging the growth of new, healthy tissue. The heat from the second laser penetrates the walls of the vaginal canal to stimulate the production of collagen, which strengthens the vaginal structure and improves resiliency and elasticity. These processes enhance tone and moisture in the vagina and improve sexual response and satisfaction.

Hormone therapy

Hormones are produced in glands located throughout the body. There are many possible causes for a disruption in hormone production that can then create a hormonal imbalance.

It can be as simple as a lack of sleep or poor diet.  It may also indicate a more serious physical issue such as polycystic ovary syndrome. Your medical history, age, physical exam and a hormone test can help determine if you have a hormonal imbalance.

Hormone treatment with creams, bioidentical hormones or oral hormone therapy can help you regain the balance you need for heightened sexual desire and improved sexual response.

If you are feeling frustrated by a low libido or feel like your sexual self has left the building, contact Coyle Institute to set up a consultation. We’ll talk to you about your medical history, sexual history and your goals to determine the right libido-boosting sexual enhancement treatment for you.