diVa® Teams Up with Young Survival Coalition

diVa® teams up with Young Survival Coalition and Women’s Health Group for breast cancer awareness

Breast cancer survivors deserve the best quality of life.

After treatment ends and survival is celebrated, vaginal health issues related to cancer and its treatments continue to impact a woman’s life.

This month Sciton, Inc. announced Project Pink, a fundraising and awareness partnership between its Women’s Health Group division and the Young Survival Coalition (YSC). Sciton, Inc. is the creator of the diVa® vaginal laser rejuvenation therapy.

The Women’s Health Group is a part of Sciton’s “Because Results Matter” mission.  This undertaking raises awareness about women’s vaginal health, especially for younger women recovering from breast cancer.

YSC is the premier global organization dedicated to critical issues unique to young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer. Founded by three young survivors, YSC offers educational resources, connections, and materials, so women facing breast cancer are empowered and hopeful.

Young breast cancer survivors have unique needs and often suffer the effects of early onset menopause. Menopausal symptoms stem from a decrease of estrogen in the body.  Symptoms include vaginal dryness, atrophy and painful intercourse among other issues.

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diVa® Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation

diVa® vaginal laser rejuvenation therapy treats women who have diminished vaginal health.  It resurfaces and revitalizes  vaginal tissue without hormones. Hormone therapies can trigger a breast cancer recurrence or interfere with ongoing drug therapies. Non-hormonal options are critical to survivors for achieving and maintaining vaginal and overall health.

diVa’s revolutionary technology enables the clinician to adjust treatment levels of ablation and coagulation.  They also adjust treatment density for a customized treatment based on the patient’s needs and desired results.

The Project Pink campaign hopes to bring awareness about breast cancer. The Project Pink diVa® launch offers new bright pink diVa® hand pieces for new diVa® providers. Sciton will also be donating 5% of sales for each diVa® module and each Strengthened Quartz Dilator during October and November 2017 to the Young Survival Coalition with an initial donation goal of $25,000.

“Our company’s mission is based on the foundation of ‘Because Results Matter,’” said Sciton President Daniel Negus. “Sciton continues to focus and drive research and development efforts to products that provide options that serve people in enhancing their health and quality of life.”

diVa® laser vaginal rejuvenation therapy is available at the Coyle Institute. diVa® vaginal rejuvenation can greatly change the way a woman feels about herself sexually by improving her sex life and restoring her self-confidence.

The experts at the Coyle Institute will help you create your optimal treatment program. Our goal is to help each woman find the most effective solutions to achieve their goals and give them their best quality of life after breast cancer.

You’re a survivor. Live the life you have fought for.