How Many Sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy Do I Need?

Whether you are on the fence about beginning colon hydrotherapy or are already convinced of its many health benefits, you may wonder how many colon hydrotherapy sessions are required. Understanding what happens inside the body during and after a series of colon hydrotherapy treatments is important in determining how many sessions are right for you, as well as considering your unique wellness goals. 

Understanding the Basic Premises of Colon Hydrotherapy

To accurately determine how many colon hydrotherapy sessions a person needs, it is first essential to understand the basic premises of the treatment. Colon hydrotherapy supports a thriving gut flora environment and the body’s natural detoxification processes by gently introducing warm water into the colon. This process softens and subsequently eliminates waste. By flushing this unwanted material and bacteria from the intestines, colon hydrotherapy allows good bacteria to flourish. Patients who need immune support will undergo liver detoxification protocols with this process.

Benefits of Multiple Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions

In your first colon hydrotherapy session, water will only be able to travel a certain distance up into the intestine. However, after consecutive colon hydrotherapy sessions, the water will be able to make its way higher up through the whole intestinal passage—which can be up to seven feet long in an adult—for a complete cleanse. By gently removing unnecessary waste from the intestinal passage over the course of a series of treatments, the gut in its entirety is safely cleansed. Since the top benefit of colon hydrotherapy is increased immunity, our recommendation is to undergo a treatment four times per year to coincide with each change of season. When people tend to be susceptible to viruses, it is wise to bolster the immune system with colon hydrotherapy. 

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Ten Day Liver Detoxification Protocol with Colon Hydrotherapy

The liver is responsible for the body’s production of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant with numerous health benefits. By reducing the burden on the liver and relieving it of working overtime on detoxification, colon hydrotherapy allows the liver to focus more energy on glutathione production. In addition to boosting immunity, high glutathione levels also enhance physical performance, prevent disease and support healthy aging. Since the liver is cleaned out through the bowels, Coyle Institute recommends that many patients undergo a ten day liver detoxification protocol alongside colon hydrotherapy. By undergoing colon hydrotherapy for two days, then enacting a ten day liver detoxification protocol followed by subsequent hydrotherapy, liver stones will be passed out through the colon. 

Are Multiple Sessions of Colon Hydrotherapy Right for Me?

When considering multiple sessions of colon hydrotherapy, rest assured that you will feel beneficial differences after each session. Patients report increases in energy, less bloating, improved cognitive function and better functioning immune systems. After one colon hydrotherapy session, most patients are eager to schedule more. Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, gentle way to cleanse the colon and improve health for men and women of any age—especially those with chronic illnesses or cancer survivors.  

Choosing Coyle Institute for Colon Hydrotherapy

Coyle Institute’s highly trained colon hydrotherapists adhere to the highest standards of safety and only use FDA-registered equipment. For patients with no contraindications, colon hydrotherapy is safe when performed by qualified practitioners like our own. Patients who choose Coyle Institute for colon hydrotherapy will enjoy a comfortable experience where their modesty is prioritized. In fact, many patients describe the colon hydrotherapy experience as being similar to having a massage. Schedule an appointment where you can see our colon hydrotherapy treatment rooms for yourself and learn more about the procedure. Call us at 850.637.8258 today. 

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