What is Colon Hydrotherapy Like?

As we learn more about the importance of gut health and its link to many other systems in the body, colon hydrotherapy becomes increasingly compelling. Perhaps you want to experience the numerous benefits of colon hydrotherapy but are nervous about the treatment itself. At Coyle Institute, we strive to keep our patients at ease before, during and after any treatment. Colon hydrotherapy is a comfortable experience that should not be embarrassing.

Preparing for Your Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment

At your initial colon hydrotherapy consultation, your provider will go over instructions with you to prepare for your treatment. Unlike preparing for a colonoscopy, there is no need to fast or undergo intense bowel evacuations. Instead, we instruct you to eat light beginning the evening before your session. Drinking plenty of water, exercising lightly and consuming easily digestible foods will allow your digestive tract to rest. You only need to refrain from eating two hours prior to your session.

What Happens During Colon Hydrotherapy?

First and foremost, your modesty and privacy will always be respected during any treatment at Coyle Institute. For colon hydrotherapy treatments, patients are only required to undress from the waist down and are covered by a drape for the entire treatment. The treatment begins with the patient lying on their left side while the hydrotherapist inserts a pencil-sized speculum about one to two inches into the rectum. Next, warm water is gently introduced into the colon, stimulating its natural peristaltic action to release softened waste. This process may be repeated several times. Patients lie comfortably on their backs while being completely covered during this part of the session.

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Will I Be Embarrassed During My Colon Hydrotherapy Session?

Rest assured that colon hydrotherapy should not be an embarrassing experience. The procedure uses a closed tubing system that is plumbed directly into the wall, like a toilet. This means that as waste and odors are released, they are flushed through a clear, contained tube. Any gas expelled during the procedure escapes soundlessly. If you wish, your colon hydrotherapist may massage your abdomen while leading you through breathing and relaxation techniques to help release waste. Immediately after the session, you may want to visit the restroom in our office, but you will not be required to stay near a restroom following your session.

What to Expect After Colon Hydrotherapy

Many patients experience an increase in energy and vitality after a colon hydrotherapy session. You may also experience less abdominal discomfort and bloating. Chronic constipation may ease after a series of treatments. After your colon hydrotherapy session, you can resume normal activities without the worry of feeling uncomfortable or experiencing embarrassing side effects.

Your Colon Hydrotherapy Experience

At Coyle Institute, we provide personalized treatments for every procedure. Depending on your unique situation, your colon hydrotherapist will tailor the session to address your individual needs. Most sessions last about 45 minutes, but please plan to spend about 90 minutes at our office to allow time for paperwork, setup and instructions. For more information about what to expect during a colon hydrotherapy session, please schedule a consultation by calling our office at 850.637.8258.

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