When a woman experiences discomfort or vaginal pain that accompanies a muscle spasm or contraction in her vaginal muscles brought on by vaginal penetration of any kind, she is likely suffering from a condition known as vaginismus. Fortunately, there are vaginismus treatments such as Kegels exercise that are simple and can bring effective relief without the need for medication or medical intervention.

The most readily identified of all vaginismus symptoms is pain during sex. In most cases, the pain occurs at penetration and goes away after withdrawal. Women with vaginismus generally describe feeling as though her partner’s penis has “hit a wall” during intercourse and even a sensation of tearing. A great number of women suffering from vaginismus also experience pain during a female pelvic exam or when they use a tampon.

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What a Pain

Unfortunately, the exact vaginismus causes are unknown, though it is often associated with emotional distress of some kind surrounding sex. Some women, however, experience pain and discomfort during vaginal penetration of any kind, even in instances unrelated to sex. Others may notice the pain circumstantially, with only certain partners or only during sex but not with penetration of any other sort. To properly diagnose vaginismus, a specialist such as a urogynecologist will need to rule out any other medical conditions such as an infection, which may also be the cause for painful sex.

No Pain, All Gain

The most effective method of treatment is the implementation of vaginismus exercises to learn proper control of the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. As the woman learns control of these muscles, she will also need to begin a process called progressive desensitization, which will help her become more comfortable and relaxed during insertion or vaginal penetration. The first step is to begin regularly preforming Kegel exercises. After a few days, she should then attempt to insert one finger into the vagina while performing the exercises, preparing the area with lubricating jelly to make insertion easier. At first, only one finger should be used, inserted up to the first knuckle joint. As comfort levels increase, the goal should be to easily insert three fingers. Within a few weeks, many women find relief and can engage in intercourse without pain. Women suffering from anxiety, however, may need to seek counsel for additional treatment.

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