Transurethral Bulking Agent Injections (Durasphere®): An Infusion of Hope for Urinary Incontinence

As they age and undergo the physical stresses of life, many women will face the very real concern of urinary incontinence at some point, whether they suffer from the suddenness and unpredictability of urge incontinence also known as overactive bladder (OAB) or from the more commonly experienced instances of stress incontinence. At Coyle Institute, we offer options of treatment that will address and alleviate this very limiting condition, first determining the exact type of incontinence and then examining its causes. Fortunately for women suffering from stress incontinence, not all situations call for drastic measures that may require recovery time. In fact, there are options available that can be immediately effective and administered without the need to ever leave the doctor’s office.

No Need For The Knife

One such option is the injection of bulking agents for incontinence, which work by penetrating the urethra with a needle to insert a substance that will actually initiate a restructuring process. By physically bulking up the urethra with synthetic materials, the urethra is actually strengthened and can offer greater control of urine before it flows from the bladder.

One of the most commonly known bulking agents is Durasphere®, which consists of a synthetic material often used in heart valves and other medical prostheses called pyrolytic carbon-coated graphite. Beads made of this pyrolytic carbon-coated graphite are suspended in a water-based gel called glucan, which is often used in wound care. The glucan then initiates the body to begin forming scar tissue and will ultimately result in the fortification and stiffening of the urethra.

For any patients who do wish to avoid female surgery of any kind, transurethral bulking agent injections such as Durasphere® can provide a great sense of relief.

As a form of bladder suspension, bladder injections have been proven to be safe and effective alternatives to more invasive methods of treatment for stress incontinence, which may be caused by a number of situations or conditions including:

  •  Pelvic organ prolapse due to pelvic floor disorders
  • Sudden pressure on the bladder during intense exercise, coughing, sneezing, or laughter
  • Pregnancy or childbirth, which cause strain on pelvic organs including the bladder
  • Menopause, which can cause physical changes to the body that weaken pelvic floor muscles and alter the ability to control bladder muscles

As the most common form of bladder condition, stress incontinence is, fortunately, also often easily treatable. At Coyle Institute, we offer our patients our expertise in the use of bladder injection as a course of action; and we feel confident that, should this method be chosen, the results we achieve can be life-enhancing. Our use of Durasphere® is one that has proven to be safe and effective for the women in our care, so as we make our diagnosis and discuss the options available, we feel confident that any recommendations we give our patients in the use of this alternative method of treatment is one that is well-based and will be highly beneficial to them.

Bulking Agent Injections: Bulk Up On Information

Naturally, all procedures and treatments are not without their risks; so we take those concerns into deep consideration before making any advisements on the use of Durasphere® or any other transurethral bulking agent injections. Should we feel that their health would be immediately endangered or compromised, or that the overall results will not fully achieve our goals, that information will be disclosed as well. At Coyle Institute, we want nothing but the very best for our patients, and that level of dedication extends to keeping them well-informed on their conditions and the options that specifically apply to them.

Inject your life with new possibilities—find out more about the ways that transurethral bulking agent injections can benefit you. Give the team at Coyle Institute a call today!