When Receiving Bioidentical Hormones, Should You Choose Hormone Creams or Hormone Shots?

There are several types of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to treat a hormone imbalance, though most people are generally more familiar with hormone injections, pills, or one of the various forms of hormone cream such as progesterone cream. So which is the most effective? Naturally, hormone testing will be necessary to determine which type of hormone you may need. Based on the results of that test, a urogynecologist will be able to recommend the proper kind of bioidentical hormone therapy in order to balance hormone levels. Because they most closely resemble naturally-produced hormones and are therefore more readily recognized by the body, bioidentical hormones are usually the best type of hormones to use.

Are Creams Your Best Shot?

When it comes to methods of delivery for bioidentical hormones, there actually is a difference. So are creams better, or should you be receiving injections? Ultimately, that will be determined by the type of hormones you are being given. Some hormones need to be metabolized more quickly than others, while others need to be received in exact dosages. Testosterone, for example, requires more precise levels than estrogen, which can be absorbed into the body at a more varying rate without causing damage.

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Much like creams, injections are not directly introduced into the bloodstream. However, Transdermal creams are absorbed into the skin, while injections are intra-muscular and will be absorbed by the muscles before they are delivered into the bloodstream. Both are equally effective, but injections can be painful and are generally considered to be impractical outside of a hospital setting. While injections allow a more precise dosage, many people who are uncomfortable with receiving injections can greatly benefit from the use of hormone creams.

Rubbing It In

Naturally, hormone creams are absorbed differently by each individual. As it passes through the skin, the amount of hormones that actually enter the blood stream depends on the method by which the cream was prepared and how much has been applied directly to the skin. One of the greatest advantages of creams is that they are applied in small doses on a daily basis, which ultimately prevents the risk of extreme changes in hormone levels that may occur with other delivery methods. To determine your very best options, discuss your hormone therapy with your doctor and discuss all of the drawbacks and benefits of each.

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