Lighting up Your Looks with Laser Skin Tightening

The way we feel about ourselves is greatly linked to our appearances; as women age and begin to notice an increase in fine lines and wrinkles in their faces; their self-confidence levels can suffer a massive blow. Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished that the lines you see would just disappear? It may sound like an unrealistic thought, especially if you are not willing to take more drastic measures like plastic surgery or facial injections. However, technological advancements have led to the development of specialized light therapy treatments that induce natural skin tightening processes that serve as a safe and effective way of reducing wrinkles and even removing wrinkles quickly and painlessly.

Illuminating Innovations

The most effective laser skin tightening uses BBL™, or broadband light, which employs dual-bulb technology to divide light energy between two lamps that allow for lower emissions of light that are less intense than many traditional laser skin tightening systems. Using this highly advanced system of light energy, Sciton has developed SkinTyte, a BBL™ skin tightening laser that utilizes infrared light energy to heat soft tissue to a depth at which the soft tissue is caused to coagulate, and collagen contraction occurs. This process stimulates natural skin tightening and skin firming as the body begins an active effort to heal the damage it perceives at the treatment site, which thereby leads to the formation of newer, younger-looking and firmer skin.

The way that it works is relatively straightforward, though the results that can be achieved are amazing. SkinTyte BBL™ broadband light delivers quick pulses of light energy that can be controlled for both accuracy and temperature to attain the greatest results without causing damage to the surrounding area of the skin, making it a safe and effective skin tightening laser as well as one of the most effective treatments for wrinkles. Its dual light technology provides a customizable level of intensity to meet each woman’s specific needs and is fully adaptable to variations in skin type as well as the type, placement, and severity of fine lines and wrinkles. While traditional laser skin tightening devices apply all of their light energy to the treatment area all at once, the SkinTyte™ system sends multiple pulses of lower-energy light at a high rate of repetition, providing a treatment that is faster, safer, more efficient, and far more comfortable for the patient.

Firm Facts for Full Results

At Coyle Institute, we know that possessing true expertise is crucial in providing full efficacy; and our technicians are highly trained and certified in the use of BBL™ therapy to ensure that all of our patients receive the highest level of personal care and have the best experience possible. It is our top priority to offer all of our patients the solutions they need to be confident and healthy women. By reducing and eliminating their fine lines and wrinkles, we know that we have helped them achieve their goals of feeling more confident in their appearance.

We welcome all of our patients to come to us with any questions or concerns that they may have about the treatment so that they are more comfortable in the proceeding and feel fully confident that they have chosen the best option for their needs. Each in-office session will take only minutes to perform and requires no preparation or downtime post-treatment, which adds to the ease and efficiency of the process. As with any procedure, the number of treatments required will be dependent on each woman’s specific needs to achieve skin tightening; but multiple treatments will likely be necessary, delivered over the course of some months.

Don’t let the appearance of your skin cause a wrinkle in your self-confidence! Call the caring team at Coyle Institute to schedule your personal consultation and learn more about skin tightening laser therapy today!