diVa® to Recover Your Vaginal Health

Cancer Recovery, Vaginal Health and diVa

Even after you’ve been declared a cancer survivor, there is a long road to complete recovery and good health.

Women who are recovering from cancer face vaginal health challenges wrapped up in hormonal changes, treatment side effects, risks of infection and fatigue. Vaginal dryness, painful intercourse and changes in sexual function are issues that may not disappear with time – they may even worsen. When a woman is suffering from vaginal atrophy or other vaginal health issues, it can cause depression, stress and a loss of confidence and sense of self.

Recovery and Vaginal Health

Those who are going through treatment or celebrating recovery still have to face a host of other factors that can jeopardize vaginal health. Hormones – Hormones and recovery often have a contentious relationship.

· Radiation and chemotherapy damage the ovaries, initiating menopausal symptoms.

· Drugs such as Tamoxifen and some aromatase inhibitors impact hormone production and absorption

· Any form of estrogen increases the risk of recurrence for breast cancer patients, limiting vaginal atrophy treatment options

· Decreased estrogen causes dryness of the vulva and vagina Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy drugs can:

· Irritate all mucous membranes

· Damage the ovaries and reduce estrogen production

· Causing temporary or even permanent menopause in younger women

· Suppress estrogen production and absorption.

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Treatment, fatigue and nausea all weaken the immune system and throw vaginal pH out of whack, leaving patients vulnerable to infections such as:

· Yeast infections

· Flare-ups of genital herpes or genital warts

· Greater risk for sexually transmitted diseases

Improving vaginal health

The Coyle Institute now offers a non-invasive, non-hormonal option for women in recovery who are dealing with poor vaginal health, giving cancer survivors long-lasting and ongoing relief from vaginal symptoms.

diVa® Laser Vaginal Therapy

The Coyle Institute successfully treats patients with the genito-urinary symptoms of early-onset menopause and vaginal atrophy with diVa Laser Vaginal Therapy.

During each diVa® dual-laser vaginal therapy session, layers of the vaginal walls are deeply resurfaced by the first laser, stimulating healthy new tissue growth. The second laser penetrates into the deeper layers of tissue to trigger the production of collagen, which strengthens and revitalizes the vaginal structure. The collagen and healthy new tissue layers continue to regenerate over time, so women experience ongoing improvement in elasticity and vitality in their vaginal tissues, increasing vaginal moisture and improving sexual satisfaction. The collagen-building treatment can also help minor cases of urinary stress incontinence.

Is diVa® Safe for You?

diVa® requires no sedation, no surgery and no recovery time. The 3-to-5 minute treatment can be performed in the comfort and safety of your doctor’s office with minimal discomfort.

diVa® improves vaginal health and empowers women by giving them control over their health and their bodies. diVa® can help restore their confidence and their sexuality after breast cancer treatment.

At Coyle Institute, we specialize in pelvic floor health, which includes the reproductive and the urinary systems. As Pensacola’s only urogynecologists, the doctors at the Coyle Institute understand the unique health needs of women who have gone through cancer treatment. We will help you develop a treatment program that will improve and maintain your vaginal health as a cancer survivor.