Transobturator Sling Procedure

While it may seem mystifying and quite unpronounceable, this surgically implanted device can benefit a woman suffering from urogynecological issues in ways that are extremely pronounced, offering solutions to conditions that might otherwise be limiting to the quality of life.

Supporting Facts

Transobturator slings are used as a method of treatment in cases of pelvic organ prolapse, most specifically the prolapse of the urethra, which is a thin tube that extends between the bladder and the ureter. These medical-grade mesh slings are surgically implanted to lift and provide physical support to the urethra, allowing greater control of the bladder and reducing the occurrence of urinary incontinence. Unlike other commonly known mesh slings whose positioning sometimes risks injury to the bowel or bladder, the transobturator sling procedure uses a method of implantation that reduces the angle of the sling placement by passing it through natural canals on each side of the pubic bone, which are called obturator canals.

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As the body heals, it naturally integrates the sling by growing scar tissue at the implantation site, which is crucial to ensuring the efficacy of the sling in providing permanent support for the urethra and staying in its proper place.

Risk Or Relief?

Unfortunately, there has been a great deal of negative press surrounding the failure of mesh slings and the complications that may occur in such an event. There are, of course, risks to consider, but the overall success rate of transobturator slings for the treatment of prolapse has been encouraging both to medical science and to the women who undergo this surgery. Any questions or concerns regarding this procedure will be addressed during consultations with a specialist, so that patients are fully informed of what they may expect post-procedure and well-prepared for the steps necessary to ensure the success of the implantation.

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