NovaSure®: A Silver Lining

For the millions of women around the world who suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding, the thought of facing a hysterectomy in order to end their pain and eliminate the problem can be daunting. Fortunately, depending on their health and the severity of their case, their doctor may have an alternative treatment in mind and may actually recommend endometrial ablation, which removes the endometrium—the lining of the uterus—while leaving the uterus intact. At Coyle Institute, Dr. Michael Coyle has years of experience in treating patients who suffer from heavy menstrual bleeding and offer such non-invasive options as NovaSure®, a type of endometrial ablation which harnesses radiofrequency energy to remove the endometrial tissue without the need for surgery.

What is NovaSure®?

NovaSure® is a safe, fast, and hormone-free procedure that lightens or permanently stops menstrual periods and has been proven effective in 90 percent of patients. The NovaSure® procedure requires no downtime or hospitalization.

Should You Go With the Flow?

Heavy periods fall outside of the realm of the normal amount of bleeding during a menstrual cycle; and because of the extent of the blood loss, there are a number of complications that can arise. Many women suffer from exhaustion and nausea, painful cramping, and headaches; others suffer socially, having to sacrifice time at work and participation in their normal social or athletic activities. Even emotional health is affected by unusually heavy periods: a majority of women report depression, increased anxiety levels, and a marked loss of confidence. By discussing the severity and frequency of your bleeding with your physician, you can properly identify whether your menstrual cycles are cause for concern and if endometrial ablation is the best course of action.

What Happens?

After slightly opening the cervix, the physician will insert a slender wand up into the uterus to implant a triangular-shaped netted device, which will then expand to fit the size and shape of the uterus. The netting delivers radiofrequency energy for 90 seconds before it is pulled back by the wand and removed from the uterus.

Unfortunately, chances of pregnancy are greatly reduced by endometrial ablation of any kind, and pregnancy is actually very dangerous after such a procedure. Birth control should be continued, though some women may wish to reevaluate the type and strength that they use post-procedure.

Some women may feel mild pain or experience such symptoms as nausea, vomiting, or cramping; fortunately, however, most patients will easily resume normal activities in as little as a day. Some spotting or watery discharge may be expected and should be considered normal, though it may not present itself immediately after the procedure and can vary in the length of time that it continues or even present itself intermittently.

Line Up a Cure

Many women all over the world suffer from endometriosis, though they may go untreated simply out of a lack of knowledge or out of fear that they will find themselves facing painful surgery. For women suffering from the painful symptoms of this common condition, procedures like NovaSure® offer hope that they might not have thought possible, giving them a chance to return to life pain-free and without limit.

There’s a silver lining to your pain! Give the team at Coyle Institute a call today!