9 FAQs About Laser Hair Removal

Have you been considering permanent hair removal?

Most women do every time they nick an ankle in the shower or notice a patch of fuzz that the wax couldn’t beat.

Today’s permanent laser hair removal systems are safer, less painful and more effective than any systems that have come before. If those concerns have been keeping you from going 100 percent smooth, 24/7 it’s time to take another look at permanent laser hair removal.

What areas of the body can be treated with laser hair removal?


– Legs

– Arms

– Face

If you have hair that you would like to have removed, consult your provider. They will have the answers and expertise to determine if laser treatment is an appropriate solution.

What type of laser is used to remove hair?

The best tech in laser hair removal is Forever Bare BBL designed by Sciton. Its dual light delivery is fully customizable to meet each woman’s specific needs. Unlike the older systems, Forever Bare BBL can be adjusted for most variations in skin pigmentation and hair growth along with the sensitivity of the treatment area.

How does laser hair removal work?

BBL (broadband light) laser treatment uses light to damage the actual hair follicle itself without causing damage to the skin. The heat is drawn to the darker coloring in the root of the hair and raises the temperature in that very small, specific area to a temperature hot enough to “kill” the hair follicle, preventing regrowth.

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Is laser hair removal painful?

While most traditional laser hair removal systems apply all of their light energy to a treatment area all at once, Forever Bare BBL sends a series of rapid pulses of lower-energy light. The system also cools the skin as the lasers do their work, which makes the treatment more comfortable.

What do I need to do after treatment?

Permanent laser hair removal requires no downtime or recovery. In rare cases, treatment may be followed by redness or a short-lived rash at the treatment site.

I know it’s called “permanent,” but how long does laser hair removal really last?

Permanent hair removal requires several sessions spread over a few months to remove unwanted hair completely. Hair growth cycles and follicle thickness can impact the number of treatments needed. Most people see noticeable results within their first six months of treatment.

What should I expect at my laser hair removal appointment?

Laser hair removal is a great solution that’s safe, effective, permanent and relatively painless. You can get hair-free with an in-office visit!

Is there anyone who isn’t a good candidate for laser hair removal?

Everyone has different skin and different hair, so a consultation will be needed to determine the best plan for you and your goals. The pigment of the skin and hair impact the effectiveness of the treatments. The laser’s heat is attracted to higher amounts of pigment or melanin. For example, people with very pale skin and black hair are going to have more success than someone with mid-tone skin and light brown hair. People who have light skin and blonde hair or very dark skin are going to have a harder time getting effective treatment.

So, are you ready to ditch the razors and wax and long pants in the summer because you didn’t get around to shaving your legs? Call Coyle Institute and schedule your laser hair removal consultation today. We’re here to win the stubble battle!