Following the Impulse

Many women all over the world suffer from urinary incontinence, regardless of age; and for many of them, the idea that they can find relief without intensive surgery can be life altering. While it is by no means a traditional method of treatment, InterStim therapy offers something that many other surgical and pharmaceutical solutions may not: lasting results with very little downtime.

Sending a Message through InterStim Therapy

So just what is it, and how does it work? InterStim is a small neurotransmitter that sends electrical impulses to stimulate the sacral nerve, which controls the signals sent between the brain, the bladder, and the surrounding muscles as they work to manage urinary function. When this sacral nerve is stimulated, the urge to urinate can be physically controlled and read by the brain more accurately, which ultimately means that conditions including urinary incontinence, the sudden urge to urinate, inability to completely empty their bladder, and frequent urination can be effectively treated.

Message Received: What Happens Now?

Once InterStim has been deemed the best course of action, a short series of steps will begin to ensure that the treatment will, in fact, be effective. First, a temporary trial lead will be implanted under the skin for a period of one to two weeks, during which time the patient’s response to the treatment will be tested and monitored. If the test is successful, the next steps can be taken to implant the permanent device.

To permanently implant the InterStim device under the skin, a surgeon or specialist such as a urogynecologist will perform a minimally invasive, out-patient surgical procedure which often requires only a few hours. The permanent device requires minimal monitoring every year, though it may require replacement every three to five years as the battery power decreases. Most patients are successfully treated using InterStim without complication; and though some may arise, they are usually rare and can be easily corrected. Some reported complications include infection or continued pain at the implantation site; migration of the lead; and technical issues or failure. Overall, however, the benefits seen by women using InterStim® Therapy are substantial and undeniable, offering them relief and freedom from an embarrassing condition that has been limiting their lives and causing them emotional pain.

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