What Kind of Doctor Treats Lichen Sclerosus?

Lichen sclerosus is a chronic, uncommon condition that causes thin, white patches of skin, usually in the genital area. For women, it is sometimes diagnosed in the gynecologist’s office through visual examination, but biopsy may be needed to diagnose difficult cases or to confirm the diagnosis. As experts in treating lichen sclerosus, we know how debilitating this condition can be. Because of our innovative treatments for lichen sclerosus and unique background in urogynecology, patients visit us from all over the world to find relief from lichen sclerosis.

Helpful Specialists for Lichen Sclerosis

Consultations with the following specialists may be helpful for lichen sclerosus diagnosis and treatment:

  • Gynecologist – if dysplasia or malignancy are identified or suspected on biopsy, ulcerated areas should be examined repeatedly and frequently by a gynecologist.
  • Urogynecologist – if pelvic organ functions, pelvic floor health and surrounding tissues and muscles that support pelvic organs are affected by lichen sclerosus.

The Urogynecologist Difference 

At Coyle Institute, our very own Dr. Michael Coyle is a urogynecologist. This means he is a specialist who focuses on pelvic organ functions and the surrounding tissues and muscles that support these organs, including the vital health of the pelvic floor. While a gynecologist primarily addresses reproductive health, a urogynecologist takes a more holistic look at pelvic health and how issues with reproductive health and urinary and digestive function can be related to each other. A urogynecologist can offer a complete picture of the causes behind pelvic-health issues and look at solutions that will strengthen and improve all systems and work synergistically together for more effective and longer-lasting pelvic-health solutions. A urogynecologist can offer a big picture view of pelvic health that includes not only reproductive health but also pelvic-organ functions and the surrounding tissues and muscles that support these organs.

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TULIP® at Coyle Institute: An Innovative Treatment for Lichen Sclerosus

Even though lichen sclerosus is currently incurable, women can be relieved of all signs and symptoms of it with just one TULIP® treatment. The single-treatment approach takes only three days, which makes it more accessible to patients traveling from around the world. TULIP® works by using a ProFractional™ laser to eliminate damaged tissues and encourage the growth of new, healthy skin. Dr. Coyle uniquely adjusts the strength of the laser for each patient. TULIP® follows Dr. Coyle’s original research on lichen sclerosus combined with the healing benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma. The treatment involves a full exam and, if needed, a biopsy on the first day. Within 24 hours, the pathology report on the biopsied tissue will be available to Dr. Coyle and allow him to customize the treatment. On the third day, you will be treated and then cleared to return home. The TULIP® procedure is a signature treatment offered only by the Coyle Institute.  

The Importance of Lichen Sclerosus Treatment

The severe pain, itching, tearing and emotional distress caused by lichen sclerosus necessitates treatment of some kind. In many cases, prescription ointments, creams and injections simply do not keep symptoms at bay. TULIP® is a revolutionary procedure to stop lichen sclerosus symptoms; in many cases, once and for all. For most patients, TULIP® is a one-time treatment, but there are some patients who may need a “touch up” procedure. And unlike steroids, there are no long term side effects of the TULIP® procedure.

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