Confident and Sexy over 60: The Easy Tweaks You Need

Magazines and TV tell us that 60 is the new 40. But back in the real world, keeping up our appearance so our beautiful outsides match our energetic inner selves can be a daily battle with creams, serums, tweezers and razors. As women age we notice our skin becomes less firm and more patterned with fine lines and wrinkles. Everything starts sagging as our collagen production slows down. We spend half of our morning routine staring into a magnifying mirror plucking out hairs that seem to grow out overnight.

Thankfully, the same advances that help us feel younger and more energetic can help us look that way, too. Skin can be tighter, tissues plumper, hairs banished. Here are just a few easy, non-surgical cosmetic treatments that can help you look (and feel) your best every day.


Facelifts are still around, but you can put off even thinking about surgery with new, non-invasive specialized light cosmetic treatments that trigger natural skin tightening processes. This cosmetic treatment is a safe and effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or even remove them completely with no pain and no downtime.

The most effective laser cosmetic treatment for wrinkles uses BBL™ (Broadband Light). Sciton has developed SkinTyte™, a  BBL™ skin tightening laser that uses infrared light energy to heat soft tissue below the surface of the skin. This energy spurs the growth of new collagen structures that support and firm the skin for a smoother, more youthful appearance.

SkinTyte™ BBL is fully customizable for different skin types, treatment areas and desired results. This cosmetic treatment can be controlled for both accuracy and temperature for gentle therapy with safe, optimized results. It is an effective skin tightening laser as well as one of the most effective treatments for wrinkles. The unique SkinTyte™ system is faster, more efficient and far more comfortable for the patient.

SkinTyte™ of the Vulva

This procedure is specially designed to treat wrinkled or sagging skin on the vulva or labial tissues surrounding the vaginal opening. Age, childbirth and hormonal fluctuations can all take a toll on these delicate tissues, leaving women feeling less than confident in their intimate relationships.

Loose labial skin can even cause painful intercourse or daily discomfort. Being self-conscious about appearance can put a strain on intimate relationships. Every woman deserves to be in control of her body, appearance and sexuality regardless of age.

Cosmetic treatment with SkinTyte™ uses BBL™ (Broadband Light) technology to target the tissues beneath the skin of the treatment areas. The focused energy heats the collagen and elastin structures in the deep layers of tissue, stimulating the growth of new, firm tissue. This new tissue increases tone, tightening and firmness below the surface and creates smoother and firmer skin at the surface.

Because SkinTyte™ is non-invasive, there is zero downtime after the procedure and no recovery period. Depending on your body and your goals, the number of treatments needed for optimal results will vary, but typically include three to five treatments spaced two to three weeks apart.

Full SkinTyte™ results can take up to four months as tissue rebuilds. The new tissue will eventually begin to age gradually, but tune-up treatments are safe and effective.

Permanent Hair Removal

Want to talk about high maintenance? OK: Chin hairs. Mustache. Random hairs growing where hairs have never been before. After menopause, you may have hairs that seem to sprout and grow an inch overnight! Waxing and even shaving can't keep up, because they are so fast and so unpredictable. Thanks to hormonal changes such as a drop in estrogen levels and a testosterone takeover, even women who previously had no issues with facial hair may find themselves beating back a beard.

If areas of hair on your face make you feel self-conscious, there is a permanent solution. Advances in laser therapy treatments mean it’s easier and more effective than ever to reduce and even eliminate hair and stubble.

BBL™ (or Broadband Light) uses a dual-lamp technology to deliver energy in multiple, quick bursts. The targeted heat raises the temperature in the follicle until hair ceases to grow actively.

Ready to look as young as you feel? Coyle Institute can develop a cosmetic treatment program that will give you the youthful confidence you deserve. There is no reason you should feel less than your best over 60. Call us today and schedule your consultation.