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Clarifying the Possibilities for Acne Scars Removal

Acne is something that most people suffer from to one degree or another at some point in their lives, but the more severe cases can have lasting effects on your appearance and even lead to permanent scarring. Are you one of the millions of women all over the world who struggle with self-confidence issues because of the acne scars you see whenever you look in the mirror? Fortunately, there have been technology breakthroughs in acne scars removal that are efficient and safe, which means that the scar-free face you long to see can become a reality.

The Marked Results

Various systems of acne scars removal have been developed to use lasers, but the most innovative type of acne scars treatment designed uses BBL, or broadband light, to divide infrared light energy between two bulbs and deliver it to the skin in such a way that it stimulates the natural healing processes of the body. In effect, the skin tissues sense the need to react to what it essentially perceives as damage, causing it to generate collagen, which plumps the skin and reduces the appearance of the pitting caused by acne scarring. Also, the skin tissue begins to increase fibroblast activity, which affects the sebaceous glands that initially cause acne. As a result, proper use of the BBL laser treatments leads not only to a marked decrease of acne formation but also to actual acne scars removal as visible scarring is reduced.

BBL laser acne scar removal is a precise system that allows treatment of specifically targeted areas of the skin without causing damage to the surrounding area. It is also quick and efficient, causing little discomfort during or after the procedure and requiring no downtime.

acne scars removal patient

BroadBand Light Therapy™

By Dr. Michael Coyle, D.O.

Video Transcription

Hello, everybody. Dr. Coyle coming to you live from the Coyle Institute. Today, I'd like to talk to you about something that we're pretty excited about here at Coyle Institute is our tool called Broadband light. Broadband light is part of our Joule system that comes with our diVa Vaginal Laser therapy as well. Broadband light is completely different, though, it is not a laser in general. It is actually using multiple different wavelengths of light to correct skin conditions. So, how many of you have sun spots that you'd like to get rid of? How many of you have rosacea that you'd like to get rid of? How many of you have skin areas that you would like to see a little bit tighter, and also how many of you would like to maybe look a little bit more youthful?

Well, the broadband light handpiece has been around for 20 years and has been used to correct all of those things. We've been very successful at being able to remove sun spots with this, especially here in Florida, Lord knows we need it. In addition to that with the help of Dr. Bitter, we've also been doing photo facial therapy where we really truly are changing the gene expression into the skin to a much more youthful gene expression. We can also do things like laser hair removal with this. We can also like we talked about doing skin tightening.

Well, one of the very interesting things from a urogynecologic standpoint is skin tightening of the vulva. This was first kind of put out there, it was talking about changing the appearance of the vulva, trying to make the vulva look at certain way. Wel, as a urogynecologist, I really haven't had many women coming to me saying "Hey, I don't like the way it looks down there." I’m more likely to have women coming to me saying "I don't like the way that it's functioning down or the way it works." And one of the philosophies that we believe in is structure/function.

You have a certain structure and that structure has a function. If we can restore that structure to a much more youthful state, well, then we can restore the function to that same youthful state. And that's what we've been doing with the BBL handpiece and doing diVaTytes. diVaTyte is where we're using this broadband light handpiece to treat the vulva, the labia, and also the clitoris. And by doing that we are improving the function as well as the appearance of the vulva, and also significantly increasing orgasmic function.

Therefore, the broadband light handpiece if you answered yes to those earlier questions, this may be something that you're interested in and if you are, give us a call here at Coyle Institute. Thanks, and have a wonderful day.

BBL Treatments Before & After Photos

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acne scars removal patient

Clear Confidence

Though many people might underestimate the change they will feel, acne laser treatment is something that can be life changing. It is a sometimes sad but simple truth that our levels of self-confidence are inextricably linked to the face we present to the world and see every day in the mirror, and many individuals lack that self-confidence because they suffer from acne scars. Once they seek out laser scar removal to eliminate their acne scars, however, they feel much more confident in their appearance; and so laser acne treatment can prove to be extremely beneficial in boosting their perception of themselves.

At Coyle Institute, we know that having true expertise is fundamental to providing full efficacy in any treatment; and our team of technicians has been fully trained and certified in the use of BBL therapy, which ensures that all of our clients will receive the highest level of personal care and have the best experience possible. It is our top priority to offer all of our patients the solutions they need to be highly confident and truly healthy women; and by eliminating their acne scars, we know that we have helped them achieve their goals of feeling more assured in their outward appearance.

We encourage all of the women in our care to come to us with any questions or concerns that they may have about the treatment so that they are more comfortable in the proceeding and feel that they have chosen the best option to suit their needs. Each in-office laser therapy session will take only minutes to perform and requires no preparation or downtime post-treatment, which adds to the ease and efficiency of the process. As with any procedure, the number of treatments required will be determined by each woman’s specific needs to achieve full results; but multiple treatments will likely be necessary and will be delivered over the course of some months.

Your chance at having a confident future should never be scarred! Call the knowledgeable team of experts at Coyle Institute to schedule a consultation and learn more about acne scar removal today!