Urogynecology. It’s a newer name on the list, a stumbling block on the tongue, one more mysterious realm of medicine to anyone who believes that a doctor is a doctor, plain and simple. So what does a urogynecologist do?

For a woman suffering from:

A urogynecologist can be the miracle worker, the guide back to happiness and health and living life to its fullest.

The human body is undeniably an amazing machine, composed of a seemingly endless number of parts and pieces that all work together to support life and make it possible to perform functions that no other species can achieve. It makes a certain amount of sense, then, that keeping that body working at its best sometimes requires an equally endless number of medical specialties, all of which are dedicated to very specific areas of the body, because—even in as much as they all work together—they all seem to demand their own attention when things go wrong.

Confirmation of the complexities of the body would be the perusal of any medical journal or even scrolling down the list of specialists employed within one medical facility. No longer is general medicine the end of the line; instead, every possible aspect of the body is given special care, which—while it may complicate matters even more—also makes greater health achievable.

Notable to this change in focus has been women’s health. More attention has been focused not only on the specifics of gynecology, but also on pelvic organ functions and on the surrounding tissues and muscles which support these organs, giving a clearer picture of the ways that urology so directly relates to gynecological issues. This combining of the two specialties has given rise to urogynecology, and women around the world are finding that the very sensitive issues they’ve suffered so long in silence are not something that they have to live with. From something as seemingly simple as pelvis pain to an issue as limiting as urge incontinence, there are solutions to be found, whether it requires a technologically advanced procedure like da Vinci surgery to achieve pelvic reconstruction or simply medication to regulate the production of hormones. Urogynecology has become the answer to many women’s problems, a specialization worthy of its place on the list, rather than simply another way to complicate things.

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