As women age, they often face embarrassing conditions such as urinary incontinence, which is one of the most common effects of pelvic organ prolapse. Whether they’re going out for a jog or simply laughing at a joke, no woman wants to have to contend with the anxiety of wondering when or if their bladder might rebel. It can be debilitating, having to be on constant watch for the nearest bathroom in case they experience a sudden urge to urinate or feel the beginning of a leak; and unfortunately, it takes its toll on their life in ways that extend beyond physical discomfort.

The Losing Game

While it may be classified as a medical condition, urinary incontinence is also a highly emotional one. It can lay claim to a woman’s confidence and get in the way of their plans; it can challenge their social life and even their sex life; and it can stand in the way of their relationships with their family, their friends, and even themselves.

Conditional Control

Fortunately, medical science is developing more treatment options for urinary incontinence, offering solutions as simple as targeted exercises to strengthen those weakened bladder muscles and provide better control, as well as more intensive procedures including the installment of a bladder mesh sling, all depending on the severity of the condition. Not all cases of urinary incontinence are caused by a serious medical issue. In fact, some women experience incontinence due to the medications they are taking, after an infection, or even because of their weight. Depending on the cause, urinary incontinence may also be only a temporary condition; but unless it is addressed by a medical professional, the problem may persist when perhaps it could have easily been solved.

It may be a common concern, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent one that limits the enjoyment of life. Women don’t have to suffer alone, nor do they have to resign themselves to the idea of simply living with urinary incontinence. They can take control of their health and talk about their concerns with an expert; a solution may very well be within their grasp, and they can look forward to a new life with a renewed sense of confidence and possibility.

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