a woman who had urogynecology surgery
Have you ever felt as though being a woman comes with more headaches than one person can possibly handle? It is not an uncommon complaint, as most individuals who fall into the category of “female” wish that a man could walk for just one day in their shoes to get a better understanding of the struggles (and inconveniences) they endure on a daily basis. Fortunately, women’s health is an ever-increasingly explored topic in the media, as well as in the medical industry. And recent changes to healthcare have led to better care and even more options when it comes to such things as urogynecology surgery.

Operation Woman

Urogynecology surgery, much like it sounds, includes such procedures as pelvic reconstruction to address conditions like urinary incontinence; hysterectomies; and reconstructive surgery to treat pelvic organ prolapse. Some urogynecology procedures are even being performed by a urogynecologist trained in laparoscopic surgery rather than having to take a more traditional, invasive approach using an open operating field.
At Coyle Institute, we have a urogynecology team led by Dr. Michael Coyle, an industry leader not only in the Northwest Florida region but throughout the entire country for his techniques and early adoption of the daVinci surgical system. Dr. Coyle and his staff have years of experience in performing urogynecology surgery of all types and have brought countless women back to greater health and restored their vitality and femininity.

We offer care including:

Women’s Rights

It is important to understand just what a urogynecologist offers and to consider your own needs as you choose the doctor who’s right for you. While a gynecologist does address most areas of women’s health, a urogynecologist takes things a step further and deals with areas of medicine that are also related to urinary function. With such close ties between the two fields, seeing a specialist like a urogynecologist can mean the difference of getting better treatment options and more effective results. At Coyle Institute, we make it our mission to talk with our patients about their concerns so that they fully understand their conditions and feel more informed about the kind of care that they need. We believe that being a woman is a beautiful thing and should be empowering, not humiliating or uncomfortable.

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