Getting Fortified

Stress incontinence. It’s one of the most commonly experienced forms of urinary incontinence; and while it might often be a temporary condition and an easily treatable one, that lack of bladder control is hardly something that won’t cause more than its fair share of limitations on your life. Fortunately, if you’re one of the millions of women who suffer from stress incontinence, you can often be treated without the need for surgery—all you need is a little bulking up. It may sound like an odd solution, but by using injectable substances called transurethral bulking agents, doctors can physically bulk up and restrengthen the urethra so that it can properly control the flow of urine.

Taking A Shot

For women who fear the need for surgery, transurethral bulking agents are an ideal solution; and products like Durasphere, the most commonly used type of transurethral bulking agent, are being offered with greater frequency as an increasing number of physicians begin to recognize the benefits that this injectable material can provide. Made from beads of a synthetic material called pyrolytic carbon-coated graphite suspended in a water-based gel, injections of Durasphere into the urethra intitiate the body’s natural response of scarring, which in turn cause the urethra to stiffen and fortify itself. That newly fortified urethra is then actually able to control the bladder, thereby eliminating the issue if incontinence. Think of it like a weightlifter taking muscle supplements to help them bulk up while they’re lifting weights: They’re stimulating greater muscle repair so that they can lift more, just as a transurethral bulking agent stimulates the repair of the urethra so that it’s stronger.

Are You Stressed?

Naturally, not everyone will be a candidate for transurethral bulking agent injections such as Durasphere. Your doctor will be able to advise you on all available options for your specific case, so take note of your symptoms so that you can be properly diagnosed. Stress incontinence is often caused by a weakening of pelvic floor muscles and is generally aggravated whenever stress is put on the bladder, whether that stress comes from intense exercise, laughter, coughing, sneezing, or heavy lifting. Stress incontinence is also commonly experienced by women who have been through pregnancy and childbirth, both of which strain the bladder and other pelvic organs; those who have gone through menopause; and women who suffer from obesity, which puts the pelvic organs under additional strain.

Injections of transurethral bulking agents are both highly effective and safe, and a specialist such as a urogynecologist will be able to administer the injections without the need for you to leave the office. There are, of course, risks involved, so discuss your concerns with your physician as you determine your treatment plan.

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