Restoring Strength

Due to the very personal nature of the topic, pelvic organ prolapse is a painful and often embarrassing condition; and as such, it’s often not something that women are willing to talk about, even with their closest friends. Fortunately, there are an ever-increasing number of treatment options available; and finding relief is now a real possibility for women who might have feared that theirs was a hopeless cause. Among the newest treatment options is the implantation of Restorelle Mesh, a type of synthetic mesh designed to offer physical support to prolapsed pelvic organs.

Support Systems

Though the use of medical mesh is being used with greater frequency, Restorelle differentiates itself in its design, being ultra-lightweight and fully customizable in shape so that it is undetectable by the patient. In fact, Restorelle Mesh was developed specifically with the anatomy of a woman’s body in mind, to stretch and move and resist fraying with the express purpose of being used in such procedures as sacrocolpopexy, which corrects the improper positioning of pelvic organs no longer supported by weakened pelvic floor muscles.

Restorelle Mesh is grafted to the tissues of the pelvic floor and requires only one surgical site; and as the body begins its healing processes, it also begins to incorporate the mesh into its natural tissue so that it is secured in place and can provide proper support with less risk of migration or displacement.

Structuring a Plan

Diagnosis is, of course, the first step in finding treatment to any medical concern; so discussing your symptoms with a urogynecologist or other specialist in women’s health.

Most cases of pelvic organ prolapse include:

Though some mesh complications may occur, studies indicate an overwhelming number of successful cases. Some patients will naturally be more suited to such treatments, so a full medical evaluation and proper diagnosis is necessary.

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