A Building Topic

For a great number of women suffering from urogynecological issues, the need for pelvic reconstruction surgery is a very real concern that may leave them feeling alone and ashamed, unaware that they are facing conditions shared and understood by millions of women all over the world. Unfortunately, complications relating to the female reproductive system are highly stigmatized by the public and discussed with an infrequency that makes them seem like something to be ashamed of, rather than something that should—and can—be addressed.

Fortunately, the medical field is opening up in their discussions of female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery so that more women are given greater awareness that theirs is not a unique struggle, but rather one that can be treated; and that, while they might once have suffered silently, they can now find hope in a future free from pain.

Rebuilt And Restored

Pelvic reconstruction surgery is a type of surgery used to reconstruct pelvic organs and rebuild the structure of the pelvic region, generally performed either through the vagina or through an incision in the abdomen. Some cases will benefit from the use of medical mesh, while others may simply require stitches to achieve effective results. Most often, this type of surgery is used to treat conditions including:

Building A Plan

With the many technological advancements of pelvic reconstruction surgery, more innovative options of treatment have become available, and more instances of pelvic reconstruction have been performed using minimally invasive methods including laparoscopy or da Vinci surgery instead of a more traditional method of open surgery. Every woman’s body is unique, however, which means that the causes and severity of their condition will ultimately determine the best course of action so that true, lasting relief can become a reality.

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