Pelvic floor dysfunction is a painful condition that affects millions of women all over the world, one which has a great number of causes as well as a wide variety of symptoms. Fortunately, not every case requires serious medical intervention and can be effectively treated with the practice of pelvic floor dysfunction exercises, the most common of which is Kegels exercise. A pelvic floor disorder can be properly diagnosed by a urogynecologist, who will be able to identify the specific symptoms and examine the underlying cause for the pelvic floor pain and provide a treatment plan to relieve the issue.

What’s Your Weakness?

In cases of pelvic floor pain caused by a pelvic dysfunction such as a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles—the muscles that support the pelvic organs and also aid in bladder control—a specialist may often recommend that pelvic floor exercises be performed regularly in order to strengthen the muscles. In some cases, however, some women may experience pelvic muscle pain as the result of having over-tightened the muscles, which may happen if the pelvic floor dysfunction exercises they have been performing as part of their pelvic floor dysfunction treatment have been done too often or if they have been tensing the muscles during menstrual cramping or in response to another type of pelvic pain.

Training Tactics

A surprising number of cases of pelvic floor dysfunction can effectively be treated with pelvic floor dysfunction exercise rather than requiring surgical intervention or medication, which can be necessary in more severe cases of the condition when the area has suffered a great deal of damage. Fortunately, however, many women successfully find relief from their pelvic pain through these exercises, which call for the controlled tightening and release of the pelvic floor muscles for intermittent periods of time. Much like weight lifting, the clenching and release of these muscles greatly strengthens them so that prolapsed pelvic organs can be properly supported and continence can be restored.

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