painful intercourse
If you are experiencing persistent or recurrent pain in the vaginal area just before, during, or after intercourse, you may be suffering from a condition called dyspareunia, or painful intercourse. The reason that women experience painful intercourse can be related to a variety of physical or emotional concerns, but many women will find themselves facing the issue at some point in their lives, and finding an effective solution will largely depend on finding the exact cause.

Points of Painful Intercourse

Painful intercourse is accompanied by symptoms including:

  • New pain following sexual intercourse that was previously free of pain
  • Pain during thrusting
  • Pain that is throbbing and lasts hours following sexual activity
  • Painful burning or aching
  • Vaginal discomfort or pain during penetration of any kind
  • Vaginal pain only during sexual penetration

Painless Possibilities

If you experience painful intercourse, it is important to discuss the matter with a urogynecologist or women’s medical specialist who can help identify the cause and offer treatment options. Depending on the cause, those options may include the use of medication and pelvic floor exercises such as Kegels. Certain changes in lifestyle may also alleviate pain during intercourse, as well, and simple factors including changing sexual positions, increasing communication with a partner, lengthening foreplay, and using lubricants may prove effective.

For women suffering dyspareunia caused by lack of moisture or inflammation that often results from thinner or weakened vaginal walls, a Urogynecology expert may feel that laser vaginal rejuvenation using diVa® laser vaginal therapy will provide lasting relief and restore their sexual experience to a place of pleasure and fulfillment.

At Coyle Institute, we treat many patients suffering from dyspareunia and work with them to properly diagnose and identify the cause behind their condition. Our greatest goal is to end their pain, and we work to find the most effective solutions that will achieve that goal and bring them to a happier, healthier place in their lives as women.

Replace your pain with the pleasure you deserve! If you’re suffering from painful intercourse, call the caring team of women’s healthcare experts at Coyle Institute to schedule a consultation and find effective solutions today!