non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation
Unfortunately, the tissues of the vaginal walls tend to break down as a natural part of the aging process and often even as a result of life-events including childbirth and menopause. As physical strain or age puts continual stress on the structure and strength of the vaginal walls, these tissues often weaken and become noticeably thinner and dryer. Consequently, intercourse may become uncomfortable; and a number of other female functions may be compromised, leading to diminished feelings of femininity in addition to taking a toll on physical health. Fortunately for any woman who has experienced childbirth; gone through extreme hormonal fluctuations, or has simply begun to notice age-related changes in her body, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation can be a way to restore and improve the condition of the vagina.

Get Laser-Focused on a Solution

Among the most effective methods of non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation are laser vaginal rejuvenation therapies such as diVa® laser vaginal therapy, a leading-edge laser device which uses hybrid fractional laser technology to resurface and strengthen the layers of the vaginal wall. This unique, in-office treatment uses specially developed hybrid fractional laser technology to stimulate the tissues of the vagina and tighten the vaginal walls. As the vaginal walls are tightened, the tightening creates heightened nerve sensation, resulting in enhanced sexual pleasure. In addition, a healthy tone is restored to the vaginal tissue; and blood flow to the vagina increases, which also increases lubrication and strengthens the ligaments surrounding the bladder and urethra. For women experiencing symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, these strengthened ligaments are once again able to support the pelvic organs, which may reduce bladder leakage and help relieve the issue.

Rejuvenate Your Womanliness

If you suffer from such symptoms as vaginal laxity; loss of strength in the vaginal walls; decreased tone of the labia majora; stress urinary incontinence; vaginal dryness; or decreased erotic sensation, seek consultation with a female healthcare specialist such as a urogynecologist to discuss the option of non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation and find out more about how it may benefit you.

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