Lifting Out the Facts

Despite the fact that a large number of women experience success in treating such medical complications as pelvic organ prolapse through the use of mesh slings, much of the general public is under the misconception that dangerous mesh related complications are the rule, rather than the exception. With the widespread negative publicity of class action lawsuit television commercials abounding, such an assumption is hardly a mystery.

Supported by Success

Fortunately, however, those cases of mesh related complications are far outnumbered by the amount of successes. Many women who once believed that painful and limiting urogynecological conditions caused by pelvic floor disorders such as vaginal or bladder prolapse have found relief after undergoing procedures to have vaginal mesh implanted, and the freedom they’ve been given has been life-changing.

A Complicated Matter

Most women are reluctant to discuss their medical concerns, even among their closest friends; so when they find themselves facing struggles that are, in fact, very common, they suffer alone. They assume that no one else they know may be dealing with similar concerns, and they hide the problem out of shame and embarrassment. In all actuality, the pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, and defecatory dysfunction they experience can be treated, but their hesitation to seek help leaves them trapped and fearing that their lives will never be free from the pain and embarrassment they face every day.

Compounding that fear is the negativity that media is feeding the public regarding the use of medical mesh in treating urogynecological conditions. Messages of mesh related complications flood out the hope offered by the overarching facts, so the very thought of ever needing surgical intervention to reverse their own medical conditions becomes even more daunting; and many women dodge the possibility by refusing to acknowledge their own suffering.

Risk or Reward

It’s important to decipher fact from fiction. Admittedly, there are cases of mesh complications that have endangered the health and lives of women who believed that they were being given a chance to reclaim their freedom from pain. Risk of failure or complications is common to any medical procedure, however, no matter how simple it may seem. A urogynecologist will be able to assess each individual case to make recommendations and determine if the patient should even consider medical mesh; and before any decision is put into motion, all questions and concerns will be addressed so that the future ahead can look bright, rather than bleak.

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