Unfortunately, the issue of urinary retention, or the inability to fully empty the badder, is a condition faced by many women all over the world. It can ultimately cause urinary tract infections, damage to the bladder, and even chronic kidney disease, so diagnosing the issue and treating it is extremely important to a woman’s health. One of the most common and effective methods of treating urinary retention is Medtronic sacral neuromodulation therapy, which is delivered using the InterStim System.

Are You Reading the Signs?

As a symptom of a greater medical condition, urinary retention is not something that should be dismissed out of hand. The most common causes include some type of pelvic floor disorder, which often also result in weakened bladder muscles; an obstructed urinary tract; infection; inflammation of the urethra; and side effects from medications.

Hitting a Nerve

Because it is a minimally invasive method of treatment, Medtronic sacral neuromodulation is not only on the cutting edge of technology, but a solution that is becoming more and more attractive to patients who fear surgical procedures. It offers them peace of mind and gives them an option that requires no down-time and no need of hospitalization, with proven results that last.

To explain things simply, Medtronic sacral neuromodulation, or InterStim therapy, works by stimulating the sacral nerves, which control the lower portion of the urinary tract and the pelvic floor by sending signals to the brain to initiate proper urinary function. Using a small neurotransmitter which is implanted just under the skin, leads will send artificial stimulations to the sacral nerve and give it greater control in both initiating and controlling urination.

Stimulating Possibilities

Once a physician has recommended this type of treatment, a temporary lead must first be implanted to test the overall efficacy over a period of several weeks, which will allow results to be tracked and evaluated. After a patient has been deemed responsive to the therapy, a permanent device will be implanted in a procedure which takes mere minutes.

For patients who suffer from urinary retention and have not successfully been treated with less aggressive therapies, sacral neuromodulation has been proven both safe and effective, offering them dramatic results that either greatly reduce or totally eliminate the problem. In fact, the overall success rate has been substantial, with relatively low cases of complication and only minor side effects.

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