Gift yourself a stubble-free life with permanent laser hair removal

You know what would make a great gift for someone you love – like yourself?  

Ditching hassles. Saving time. Feeling confident. 

You know what throws a wrench into all of that? 

Shaving. Waxing. Waxing and then going back shaving off the little stubborn patches. 

New advancements in laser permanent hair removal technology have made the process more effective, more thorough and easier than ever before.  

Giving yourself the gift of laser hair removal is more than just smooth legs. Or face. Or bikini line. It’s the freedom to grab whatever you want to wear and wearing it without worrying about leg stubble. It’s having your makeup glide on instead of sponging and dabbing and blending. It’s being able to go to the beach on a moment’s notice – without digging out some shorts to put over your swimsuit. 

So what are your options? 

At Coyle Institute, we the Forever Bare BBL permanent hair removal system by Sciton. Forever Bare BBL is the most advanced option available for permanent laser hair removal. Dual light technology provides a customizable and comfortable level of intensity. It is fully adaptable to variations of skin pigmentation, the thickness of hair growth and sensitivity of the area being treated. 

While traditional laser hair removal devices apply all of their light energy to a small area at once, Forever Bare BBL sends fast, multiple pulses of lower-energy light, providing a treatment that is safer, faster, more efficient and far more comfortable. BBL recovery time is minimal.  Any discomfort or irritation is relatively mild and fast to fade.  

A consultation at the Coyle Institute will us determine your specific needs and design a plan for you. 

Bikini Laser Hair Removal 

Bikini bumps! Summer’s worst enemy! Get confident and get bare down there! BBL laser hair removal is gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin. Its quick, dual-light pulses zap hair at the root more easily than its old laser counterparts. It’s safe, effective, permanent and relatively painless. The whole procedure can be done during an in-office visit by one of the Coyle Institute’s trained hair removal technicians. And there’s no downtime or recovery! Planning a winter beach vacation or a cruise? Don’t pack razors and shaving cream. Use that space for an extra bikini!  

Facial Hair Removal  

Whether you’ve got a few straggler hairs popping up on chin or shadowy sideburns closing in on your nose, laser facial hair removal can be the permanent solution to your fuzzy face battles.  

Facial hair is a common complaint for women, both younger women and peri- and post-menopausal women. Unlike traditional shaving, waxing, threading or depilatory products, permanent laser hair removal means never worrying about stubble and those pesky strays – you know, the ones that show up in the rearview mirror when you’re running late for a wedding. 

At Coyle Institute, we offer clients our knowledge and expertise in permanent hair removal and use Forever Bare BBL, one of the most innovative devices available for treatment. Unlike the old days when facial laser treatments meant going into hiding for a few weeks to recover, the gentle BBL technology has little-to-no downtime after a painless, in-office visit. BBL makes your makeup and skincare routines easier and more effective.  

Arms and Legs go Bare

Leg shaving is one of the most time-consuming (and wardrobe limiting) aspects of a beauty routine. Ads will try to sell you on a razor with a bubble bath and candlelight, but women know that leg shaving is all about balancing awkwardly in the tub, wondering if you should pretzel around to get the outside of your ankle with the opposite hand. And stubble on forearms? Ugh. But you can’t wear sweaters all year long. 

With all that skin real estate on your legs and arms, it makes sense to take a more permanent approach. BBL technology accommodates a wider range of skin tones and hair growth. Even if you were told a just few years ago that permanent laser hair removal was not a good fit for your hair and skin type, now is the time to revisit the possibility. 

Coyle Institute technicians are fully trained and certified in the use of BBL therapy to ensure that all of our clients have the best experience and results possible.  

By permanently eliminating your unwanted hair, we help restore a sense of femininity and confidence – and add hours of time to your week when you ditch all that maintenance. Depending on your goals, you may require several appointments over several weeks to be most effective.  

At Coyle Institute, we treat many clients for their needs in permanent hair removal, whether they are hoping to eliminate unwanted facial hair or are specifically interested in bikini laser hair removal.