laser facial rejuvenation

The Gift of Self-Care: New Look, New Outlook!

Did 2018 wear you down? Get fresh-faced and energized for a brighter 2019! It’s easier than ever to erase a year’s worth of weeks, work and worries with technology that can be customized to whatever gorgeous you’re after! Smooth, even, glowing skin is within reach for women of all ages (and men, too) thanks to cutting edge technology and laser facial rejuvenation that does double duty and reduces downtime without sacrificing long-lasting, dramatic results. 

Get Glowing with Halo

For smooth, even, amazing results, Halo’s hybrid fractional laser technology uses both non-ablative and ablative wavelengths at one time to optimize results and reduce downtime after treatment. By using the two wavelengths, Halo has the unique ability to provide separate treatments for the epidermis or the skin’s surface, which heals quickly, and the deeper layers of the dermis which remodel slowly over time. In one procedure, Halo can include both epidermal and deeper dermal pigmentation and tone and texture in the skin.  

Benefits of Halo include: 

  • Treats deep and surface pigment and discoloration issues
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pores
  • Less painful than traditional fractional resurfacing
  • Results in just 1-2 treatments
  • Faster healing time

A Younger You with BBL™

BBL™ (BroadBand Light) laser facial rejuvenation is another high-tech, easy option that reduces the wrinkles and obliterates discolorations below the surface for a smooth, even complexion. BBL™ is used for laser facial rejuvenation and to treat signs of aging on the neck, chest, hands and other areas that are vulnerable to sun damage.

BBL™ therapy effectively treats: 

  • Sun damage 
  • Uneven skin texture 
  • Acne and acne scarring
  • Age spots 
  • Birthmarks 
  • Wrinkles
  • Freckles 
  • Rosacea 
  • Sagging skin 
  • Visible, broken blood vessels beneath the skin 

The result is younger looking skin with more even skin tone and texture and an overall improved firmness and appearance. BBL™ repairs imperfections visible in the top layers of skin for facial rejuvenation, and it targets these issues where they begin, far below the surface using fine-tuned cutting-edge laser technology. Using heat and light energy to penetrate the skin, BBL™ destroys the pigment in cells that make up spots and discoloration on the skin’s surface. While it’s fading spots, it’s also stimulating collagen growth for more plump, firm skin and a decreased appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. After treatment, you keep looking younger as fresh, new cells rise to the surface and replace old cells for a smoother, brighter complexion.  

Stop Sagging with Skintyte™

The most effective laser skin tightening treatment  is Skintyte™ by Sciton. Skintyte™ creates skin that is naturally youthful looking without needles, fillers, surgery or deep resurfacing. Skintyte™ penetrates the skin with infrared light energy. With broadband light delivery, the energy heats soft tissues below the surface and spurs the natural production of collagen. As the new collagen structures are formed, they create firmer, plump skin and a reduced appearance of wrinkles. Skin is tightened over the renewed tissues beneath, boosting sagging skin at the jawline, neck and jowls.  

Skintyte™ can also be used to firm and tighten sagging skin on other areas of the body, including the chest, backs of hands, upper arms, stomach, hips and knees. And Skintyte™ does it all with no recovery time and no marking, rash or discoloration. The smoothing effects of Skintyte™ laser skin tightening are long-lasting. After the collagen finishes rebuilding, it will be able to age and deplete at a normal rate. 

Laser Hair Removal 

Think of all the time you spend shaving and waxing. Give yourself back all that time! Today’s permanent laser hair removal systems are less painful, less risky and more effective than they have ever been before. It’s easy to commit to being 100 percent smooth, 24/7.   

The best technology available in laser hair removal is Sciton’s Forever Bare BBL™. Forever Bare BBL™ offers fully customizable, dual-light delivery to meet each woman’s specific needs, including a wide range of hair colors and skin pigmentation. It’s also safe for more sensitive treatment areas. 

Forever Bare BBL™ is safe and effective for use on: 

Forever Bare BBL™ uses light to penetrate the skin with precisely targeted energy and zap the hair follicle. The energy is drawn to the darker coloring in the root of the hair and heats that very specific area to a temperature that “kills” the hair follicle, preventing hair regrowth. It’s rapid pulse delivery prevents skin damage and keeps skin cool and comfortable during treatment.    

Permanent laser hair removal requires no downtime or recovery. Some people experience short-term redness or a mild rash on treated areas. Hairs grow at different rates on different cycles, so permanent laser hair removal requires several treatments over a few months so every hair can be hit with the heat. After six months most people are happy with their smooth, hairless results! 

If you have questions about laser facial rejuvenation or permanent hair removal, don’t go to a spa or salon. Call the expert medical team at Coyle Institute where you can trust us to do what’s best for your unique skin needs. Call us today to schedule your consultation!