an illustration of a woman who wants to have permanent facial hair removal
It literally stares you in the face whenever you look in the mirror: unruly hairs above your eyebrows, noticeable patches of fuzz along your cheeks and jawline, the hair above your upper lip. Believe it or not, it is hardly uncommon for women to experience unwanted or unusual hair growth on their faces. And it can be an ongoing struggle to stay ahead of it. For that reason, permanent facial hair removal has become one of the leading focuses in the field of aesthetics. Women all over the world are turning their heads to the idea of laser hair removal as a safer and more effective method of facial hair removal than shaving, waxing, threading, or depilatory products.

Laser-Focused on Facts

Considered to be the most advanced system for permanent facial hair removal is Sciton’s Forever Bare BBL, an innovative system specially designed to use dual broad band light (BBL) technology that provides a customizable level of intensity to meet each woman’s specific needs. Unlike more traditional facial hair removal lasers, the device is fully adaptable to various types of pigmentations on the skin, the thickness of hair growth, and the sensitivity levels of areas being treated. Rather than applying all of its light energy to the treatment area all at once, Forever Bare BBLs send multiple pulses of lower-energy light at a high rate of repetition to provide safer, faster, more effective, and far more comfortable treatment. In addition, the motion BBL technology evenly heats hair follicles and greatly minimizes the occurrences of missed areas that often result with most other permanent facial hair removal systems.

Recovery Time

Laser facial hair removal is a method of permanent hair removal that requires no downtime or anesthesia and can be done in a matter of minutes during an in-office visit. Depending on each case, treatments may require several appointments to reach full efficacy, spread over the course of several weeks. At Coyle Institute, we offer clients our knowledge and expertise in permanent hair removal and employ the use of the most innovative devices available on the market. As you consider your own needs, we welcome you to come to us for advice and guidance on the process and its advantages.

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