Will diVaTyte improve the tone and appearance of my exterior vaginal skin?

As women age, their skin loses firmness and elasticity. The exterior vaginal skin is no exception. While the normal aging process is one factor in the loss of tone, pregnancy and vaginal childbirth can excessively stretch the muscles and skin of the vagina. While this tissue does heal, its appearance and elasticity are not the same. Women can begin to feel that their labial skin, the vaginal opening and vaginal folds have lost their youthful appearance. These concerns can affect their sexual relationships and cause embarrassment, anxiety and a loss of self-esteem.  Women deserve to be in control of their bodies, their appearance and their sexuality. diVaTyte is a quick and simple solution to these intimate physical challenges.

How does it Work?

diVaTyte uses the same non-ablative technology practitioners trust for firming skin the face, neck and abdomen. The fast and simple procedure uses “photothermolysis,” targeted infrared energy, to heat the collagen and elastin structures in the deep layers of tissue. The treatment stimulates repair and remodeling below the skin’s surface for increased tone, tightening and firmness. The painless, non-invasive procedure also uses a cooling process to protect the top layer of skin and to maintain the comfort and safety of the patient. diVaTyte treatments are safe for all skin colors. Treatment can be repeated for the maximum rebuilding of collagen and tissue.

Regain your control and confidence! Contact us to learn more diVaTyte treatment and options or to schedule your Coyle Institute consultation. We’ll work with you to develop a treatment plan to improve your self-assurance and sensuality so you can Live Life.