Everyone knows that, as a woman ages, there are a number of ways that her body changes. Some of them, of course, are for the better, while others are less than ideal. Consequently, even changes that may not be visible to others on a daily basis can really take a toll on self-confidence and cause things that were once a great source of pleasure to be painful and even anxiety inducing. Unfortunately for many women, their own sense of femininity suffers a great deal in the face of these changes. In fact, they may feel discomfort during intercourse and begin to wonder if they are still giving their partner pleasure. For women such as these, new technologies such as laser vaginal therapy are an ideal option. This specialized procedure resurfaces the vaginal walls and restores thickness while it helps build healthy new tissue that is firmer, more resilient, and brought back to moisture levels that make intimacy pleasurable rather than painful.

When to Hit the Refresh Button

In a way, laser vaginal therapy could be considered vaginal rejuvenation, as this type of vaginal therapy renews vaginal health to a state that it was when estrogen levels were at their peak. Estrogen keeps the layers of tissue lining the vaginal walls thick, more elastic, and moist. As a woman ages, the decline in her estrogen production naturally affects the condition of the tissue layers. Even women who have not experienced menopause, such as those who have been through childbirth, had a hysterectomy, or have undergone chemotherapy treatments may be suffering the same effects on the tissue layers of their vaginal walls as they are stretched or subjected to great fluctuations in the production of estrogen.

Newer Can Be Better

Fortunately, technology has been introduced to the women’s healthcare field that can, in essence, reverse those changes in tissue, using laser vaginal therapy to resurface and rebuild tissue. As a leader in the field of urogynecology, Dr. Coyle and his team at Coyle Institute are proud to be the very first practice in the state of Florida to offer patients the option of diVa® laser vaginal therapy, which is a specially designed system that uses hybrid fractional laser technology or HFL technology to achieve greater results in less time with a procedure that is virtually painless and takes only minutes.

Be a diVa®in your own life! Consult with the caring experts at Coyle Institute and learn more today!