Not Your Standard Operation

It’s not uncommon for the idea of undergoing surgery to be one that stirs up fear, and with good reason. All of those medical releases you’re signing scream messages about the possibilities of unforeseen complications, even for the most minor procedure, so the very thought of major work naturally heightens the reality that risks are increased and that pain, downtime, and recovery will all need to be factored in to the very near future.

The New Approach

Fortunately, advances in technology have have found successful applications in medicine; and new surgical procedures have been utilized with greater frequency so that traditional surgery is no longer the only option. One of the areas of medicine most affected by these new technologies has been urogynecology, and many women all over the world have benefitted from the less invasive approach provided by laparoscopic surgery and da Vinci surgery as they face their own medical concerns, whether they’re hoping that robotically-assisted surgery will help them find relief from endometriosis or seeking out the potential of encountering less pain through a minimally invasive hysterectomy.

Do the Robot

Though it might seem counter-intuitive simply because the area of open incision—and, therefore, the surgeon’s direct line of vision—is so greatly reduced, the advantages of minimally-invasive surgery are many. In fact, despite the fact that a surgeon’s hands never physically touch the internal operating area, countless studies have proven that such innovations as da Vinci surgery system actually increase a surgeon’s precision and allow for more control, maneuverability, and visibility in the field of operation, which naturally results in causing less trauma to the patient and allows for a more streamline procedure. In addition, da Vinci surgery, which is performed using thin, tube-like robotic arms inserted through small incisions, causes less scarring to the internal organs and less visible external scarring at the site of operation; minimizes the time in-hospital for post-operative recovery; shortens overall recovery time; and allows the patient greater ease in returning to their fully active lives.

Surgery is complicated and stressful enough, so minimally invasive operations like da Vinci surgery system is an ideal solution in reducing some of those stresses and complications. As they’re used with greater frequency, more patients will benefit from these advancements, feeling a greater sense of ease that, when the time comes to put their lives in a surgeon’s hands, his ability to perform at his best is actually being enhanced by getting hands-off.

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