In Good Company with Coloplast Products

Though many consider it to be a concern that only older women face, women of all ages and backgrounds suffer from a type of pelvic floor disorder such as urinary incontinence, whether the problem is a result of a serious health condition or simply caused by the phases of life. Fortunately, as a result of technological changes in medicine and the innovative products developed along the way, the stresses, embarrassment, and limitations of urinary incontinence or any other pelvic floor disorder such as pelvic organ prolapse can become a thing of the past. As a leader in medical devices, Coloplast has been at the fore of these innovative products that offer women freedom from the physical and emotional pain of many commonly experienced urogynecological conditions; and specialists around the world are changing their patients’ lives and giving them a renewed sense of hope in the midst of what might once have been a bleak reality.

The Tools in the Arsenal

Coloplast products are slings, meshes, and transurethral bulking agents which provide physical support to the vagina, the urethra, the bladder, and other pelvic organs that have fallen victim to the weakness of pelvic floor muscle failure. The options available will, of course, be dependent on each individual patient and the severity of their condition; so a proper diagnosis must be reached before a decision can be made for treatment. Fortunately, because of the innovative Coloplast products, women under the care of a specialist such as a urogynecologist can seek reassurance that their physicians are better equipped to treat a wide variety of women, even when their cases seem to be hopelessly complex.

Taking Stock of the Solutions

Whether a woman suffers from stress incontinence or urge incontinence; defecatory dysfunction; or another form of pelvic floor disorder, Coloplast products line will greatly benefit their lives. As an alternative option for cases that might once have required full pelvic reconstruction, the slings, meshes, bulking agents, and surgical systems manufactured by the trusted Coloplast name provide a means of full restoration to women around the world as they seek out care in hopes of finding relief from their suffering.

As you consider your own future, discuss the options available to you with your specialist and be open about any questions and concerns you may have. It’s important to realize that a large part of finding the best solution for your needs is dependent on your communication with your doctor. Despite the fact that women’s health is fraught with a number of conditions that may be uncomfortable to talk about, these are medical concerns that are widely experienced, and you’re not alone. You have options, so be your own advocate and take control of your future by being open and honest; freedom from your pain could be closer than you realize.

Don’t lose hope in finding a happy, healthy life! Give the team at Coyle Institute a call today to learn more about Coloplast products!