While most people associate the loss of bladder control and bladder leakage with older women, it’s actually common for a majority of women who have had children to experience bladder leakage symptoms by the age of 40. Light bladder leakage, which may happen when you cough, laugh, or even sneeze, is something that many women all over the world deal with on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are ways of treating a leaky bladder other than having to live with the hassle and embarrassment it can cause.

Fixing the Leak

Light bladder leakage, or LBL, is a form of stress urinary incontinence. Naturally, no woman likes to hear the term “urinary incontinence” at any point in her life. But a leaking bladder isn’t necessarily the sign of something serious like pelvic organ prolapse. In the case of light bladder leakage caused by factors like childbirth, medications, infection, or excessive weight, an effective method of bladder leakage treatment can often be found without the need for surgery or major medical intervention.

After identifying the exact cause of light bladder leakage, a urogynecologist or other specialist may simply recommend lifestyle changes like diet and exercise to reduce weight, changing medications, or even learning pelvic floor dysfunction exercises like Kegels exercise. These exercises will strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor and enable you to regain control of your bladder. Contrary to what you might assume, however, urinary incontinence in women isn’t something that can easily be solved by heading to the nearest bathroom when the very first urge to urinate comes. By doing this, you can actually cause more damage and increase the risk of developing an overactive bladder. Instead, have an honest conversation with your healthcare specialist to determine the real issue and find an effective solution that will restore your sense of confidence and control.

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